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  1. Thanks dvoth for the reply. I guess I should have mentioned I use Windows on my PC. I read some in the forums on the DAM. I have to admit I'm not an 'advanced' user and don't even use many of the basic functions my Browser(s) have in other software. So a DAM would be much more than I need or would use. A simple Browser or Filmstrip would be just fine with me for when I browse through some of my snapshots to see which ones I'd like to make look a little better.
  2. I searched the Forums for this but didn't find any threads: are there plans to add some sort of Browse module or Filmstrip mode to Photo?
  3. TwoRails

    Another BJ

    Being new here, I'm not aware of any 'person dynamics,' but since we are off topic here's my take on it. If I post a photo, I automatically assume, and would like CC on it. I'm sharing to, well, share, but to also learn. So if someone points out, 'hey, it's not really a good idea to have a tree growing out of the person's head in a portrait,' then I would learn something and therefore (hopefully) look for it on my next shot. And other things like, 'a vignette would help draw attention to the subject,' then that's something I'd at least try. That does not mean to take all suggestions as gospel, but it can possibly open new avenues. It gets a little more tricky when it comes to stylized images as so much of that is totally subjective, but even then trying out something new that might be suggested could shed light on the editing process. This above is said to Not get in the middle of anything, but to share my feelings on CC. In other words, feel free to CC my posts; that's how I learn.
  4. TwoRails

    Another BJ

    Thanks for the welcome, MEB. And I'll definitely watch that tutorial :)
  5. TwoRails

    Macro Shot - Seiko Astron

    Nice product shot, Kris. If you don't mind a suggestion, the white triangular area in the upper right is somewhat distracting, drawing the eye away from the watch.
  6. TwoRails

    AP- Adventure in photo manipulation - Portrait

    Pretty creative ,ronniemcbride.
  7. TwoRails

    Happy filtering in AffP

    Good artistic effects, Henry.
  8. TwoRails

    A day at London Zoo

    That's pretty funny! :)
  9. TwoRails

    Another BJ

    Beautiful bird and good sky replacement, Aeros4. I would not have guessed you replaced the sky if you didn't mention it. I'm new to AP and have no idea how to do something like that in AP. Any tips and tricks to share?
  10. Thanks carl123. I'll check it out.
  11. New to AP :) I looked in the menus and the help file, maybe I missed it but how do i save a preset for use on other photos? I have a whole bunch of scanned 110 film scans I need to edit. I made some adjustments in the first image (white balance, brightness/contrast, shadows, sharpen) and would like to apply these settings as a starting point for the other scans. How do I do this? Thanks :)
  12. TwoRails

    Affinity photo power - Colorization

    Thanks oquendo123.
  13. TwoRails

    Forum Guidlines?

    Thanks for the replies :) I didn't get impression it was a CC forum, either, so I asked. Somehow I didn't mention part II and that is if/when I post something, I would like some CC -- not bashing, but suggestions on how to take/make a better photo. I feel better from your comments. What prompted me to post is from looking at a lot of the work that is posted. One photo was a good photo overall, but it was very crooked which I felt distracted from the photo. Being brand new to AP, it'll be a while as I learn how to use it. I've watched a handful of the tutorials but I have had trouble duplicate the results, meaning I'm missing simple things and need a lot more practice. What I should do is one tutorial at a time, then practice it instead of watching a bunch then trying to remember it all later.
  14. TwoRails

    Forum Guidlines?

    Hi All. I'm new here and looked for detailed forum guidelines but I must be looking in the wrong place and didn't find it. I looked at a bunch of the submitted images and there's a lot of good work here, way beyond me. My main curiosity is, are the images open to comments and suggestions? For instance, lets say you're looking at a photo and it's pretty good, but you think it's crooked. Should you mention that it might look better if it was straightened? Thanks.
  15. TwoRails

    Affinity photo power - Colorization

    Nice. How long did it take you? Looks like quite a project.