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  1. I'm in the same situation re: creating catalogues from text exported from a database. In the past I've done that by adding Style Tags - XML and long before that, Quark XPress tags! The tags referred to style sheet names in Quark. I added these tags to an export table in the database. On importing into Quark, the styles were automatically applied, without me having to go through and do it manually. Bliss! It would be great to know if Publisher could provide the same functionality, as it would greatly enhance its usefulness. What are the chances?
  2. Fan of good design & typograpy. Even bigger fan of Affinity! Now dumped Adobe to use Publisher, Designer and Photo on iMac. Loving it so far.

  3. Loving Publisher Beta so far. Working on a catalogue. To send my document for commercial printing, I have to convert the table to curves, because I don't want the printing company to have to worry about fonts. Just come across this problem: Created page with text (mostly using the Artistic Text Tool) and images When I convert most text to curves and export, all is fine When I also convert the table (created within Publisher) to curves, I get the error message: 'Failed to Save document... Save failed because document could not be written to.'' If I delete the table curves layer and choose Save, or Save As..., I can save, as normal. Is there a workaround? Will this problem be fixed at some point? I could probably create the tables elsewhere and import them, but that then builds in a huge time problem when corrections need to be done. My document will have around 250 pages so I need to make decisions now that I'm not going to regret later! Thank you if anyone can shed any light, oh wise ones! :-)