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  1. FYI, the Vimeo page still says Affinity is for Mac, not Mac + PC. Also, why a separate Vimeo page for beginner tutorials. Here on forum is this sticky plus one that talks about beginner videos. They go to two different places. The link from here is the best with over 175 videos. Also, there appears to be some redundancy between first beginner video and other Vimeo page video that says Start here. Either way, excellent tutorials. I have 2 monitors so I play the tuturial on one and have AP running in another so that I can follow along easier.
  2. That's NOT a good idea. If you want to risk your PC, that's up to you but I don't. Not logging out leaves connections open. Most well programmed systems will log out the user at some point but there are no timeout standards.
  3. I use a password management system to login to the many sites that I access. Affinity website does not support this. Suggestion: Please create a regular login web page (ie affinity.serif.com/login) or place regular login fields on the home page so that my password manager will see them. Popup page, as Affinity has deployed, does not work and I have to enter manually which defeats the purpose of my automated password management. Thanks.
  4. I need a solution for both editing and cataloging my image collection. Affinity does not appears to have advanced cataloging features. I am familiar with PS but not LR. I would prefer to move away from Adobe products but lack of an advanced cataloging solution, such as LR/Bridge, is a deal breaker.
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