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  1. Hi Walt. First the jpg was made in C1-12+. Then transfered in the folder of a book with pics and Afpub. Set the pic on a page as you see it. Marked the pic and click AfPhoto persona. In Afpub the tools from Afphoto are seen left. Using tool softmaker (? ) in the pic (if it works I did not see; wishing in clouds...). Click to Publisher persona back. Now the pic in the frame looks as before but Publisher was different; the field change or restore this pic was not shown. And the page 75 was not seen in the document ressource table as I showed. Deleting the pic in the Afpub and set it new all is ok.

    I did not check if this way is generally wrong. It may be that a pic must loaded not in Afpub but direct in Publisher or what ever. I only wanted to show the lost page with the pic. Again: it is not importend for me. Regards, lars

  2. Hi, what happens here. In Apub a pic was send to Aphoto persona. Tried to wish a little in the cloud. Going back to Apub the page, you see it is 75, was to see in the book but not in the document ressource: attachment. And the pic on p 75 could not changed, the command /Bild ersetzen/ was lost. The pic could delete, include again, all was ok (I could not see if the wish command in Aphoto was done, it was a test only, I don´t need it). Reg., lars  


  3. Hi, sorry it is not to reconstruct today; I tried to show it with Quick time. If it is only my problem... forget it.

    But there are some things coming up sometimes, sometimes not. For backups I use an extern memory Sandisk 1 TB (thumb drive?). If the folder with an AF-project is moved to this memory – sometimes I have to say now – Afpub arrives on the screen showing a table: someone works with your Afpub! or so. To stop this was the question.

    Another event is if I copy one ore more changed images from Capture One into this folder overwriting old one there sometimes comes up in AFpub this little tables with the Afpub-icons to tell me: it was changed this xy-pic or more pics, moving as a row of it up. But 1. that happens not every time and 2. sometimes there are shown more tables as I had copied just before; may be this are tables showing pics which were changed in former time. 

    So I played a little to find out what when why happens... Thx, lars

  4. Hi, I don´t find what was spoken about to a former version of Apub. But now so it is finished, there is the export setting PDF 72 dpi allways wrong with: bilinear (as it is ok with 300 dpi). In this case thin lines are broken. Is it for ever that in this case the setting shall be: Lanczos 3? That works, I only want to know. Thx. lars

  5. Now comes your new text. I don´t understand it, try tomorrow. 


    Go we now back to former discussion how much I have to understand? Please no.

    I think the case is simple:

    If I click in the browser a page (double or single) it comes on in the viewer – AND THEN THE SLIDER THERE SHOULD FOLLOW. 

    But there is a point I just remember, Gabe. If it is only my problem or this one of my macbook it may happen a mistake in it. 

    Some time ago in C1-11 there was a mistake in setting mask as line (from point to point). It does not work in this macbook (see below). But it works in a macbook air (same configuration). And it works now in both, as there is C1-12 loaded. 

    So let us say, the macbook is guilty. And you finish Publisher...

  6. May be this helps:

    slider 1.jpg: shows p 21 activ. The slider of the viewer beside the navigator.

    slider 2.jpg: shows p. 69 activ in browser and to see in the viewer (it is an other object which I want to see in relation to p 21). The viewer slider stands as before!

    slider 3.jpg: now the viewer slider is moved a very little down (see the navigator window) – and shows p 21 half and p 23; p 69 is gone.

    Reg., lars

    slider 1.jpeg

    slider 2.jpeg

    slider 3.jpeg

  7. Hi, the viewer is for me the big field showing pages big.

    Browser is the small field showing the same smaller.

    So one checks a book with pics to see if there shall change some places/ pages or if the colours belongs together...

    In the viewer let´s say is p. 10.

    Then moving along the book, stopping p. 60 to see one which could belong to p. 10. Double Click to bring it into the viewer to check it in a fine way. Therefore you want to move to p. 59 and 61 too, a little up and down, may be to see two rows half... (p. 60 and p. 62)

    But if you click at the viewers slider there is not p. 61 – there is p. 11.  So one has to move to p. 61 again...

    I said it again for getting an update yesterday waiting for the finished P. So they are working longer.

    But the programm is fine, the bug makes nervous... (and the slider is not red! Walt) W´ll see. Reg. lars

  8. The slider in the viewer is not at all synchron to the pictures. If the pages in the viewer are set and then in the browser changed one will see the new page in it. But the slider of the viewer stands as before. So you move it, it shows not the next pages or the former one. It moves from the old viewer position. Reg., lars

  9. Hi, I think we spoak about, but I don´t find it. And it was long before.

    Making a 72 dpi PDF with 100 pages 30 x 30 cm including 50 pics (3.000 x 2.000 px), set Lanczos 3, it has 98 MB. Is it not too big? (In 300 dpi it is 230 MB and the print is ok).

    Thanks, lars