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  1. Hi, cmd+0 no; from headmenu it´s ok. Reg. lars
  2. larsh

    cmd+0 don´t work

    Ja, it´s done! Sometimes the tool perspective does not work. The net is seen, can moved, but without the pic. A restart helps. Regards, lars
  3. Hi, how to set a Hilfslinie diagonal, please, to use it as magnetic line with meshes? lars
  4. Thanks, I see its to complicate for me. May be all I want can be done... lars
  5. Ja, I think that I did, have some lines. But they are all parallel. For changing a house (with distortion) I need two functions. The first ist to set 1. point, then 2. point to make the line. And the second I use is to move the meshes not along the whole side ot the image but only to a given part of it. For I have to move from the right side and then from the left. Please look to the image (a test only). To 2.: The lens (Samyang 14 mm with shift) made a big S on the right side. It is corrected now. If I do the same on the left then the right side will move too. So it must stopped from the first guide left to the second. To 1.: If starting on the left side, the corner is a curve too, I don´t want to make it exact parallel to the image; a little bit shall this corner stay as it is. But not as a curve but as line. 3. In the liquid tool I have looked for a way, but didn´t find. Thanks, lars
  6. Has to set: PDF to print. Hi, in the first Beta it runs fine to print with blurb.de. Now they say, they cannot work with: Time Roman, Times New Roman PSMT. What is to do to get blackfriday 50%? Thx, lars
  7. larsh

    Ctrl w gone

    Hi, the margins only are to set with the menu now, not with Ctrl w. It is needed! lars
  8. Hi, I´m not sure if there is a mistake. Look to the screen shot, please. Ahead of the tools right came up much empty place. Clicking there the Tonwertkorrektur arrives. It starts, may be, when clicking in or beside the navigator, there came up an empty room first. I do not know what I did... Sorry. And now the navigator is gone; ok I will find it in studio... Regards, lars
  9. Hi, I think much photographers need a smart Affinity RAW. Only one Catalog/ Folder for the RAW of one shooting Include there the RAW and the catalog file Give it an image browser The Developer and few more, as meshes for perspectives That´s it. Regards, lars
  10. Hi, it would not be necessary if "image prefare link" works and load the newest images at newstart. The attached image shows, the "convert to curves" is gone, may be by klick on it. How to restore it? Thanks, lars
  11. Hi, I would like to move a document with the FN+arrow-up/down too, page to page. Regards, lars
  12. larsh

    much energy use?

    Hi, Chris. Seams not to be a problem – I saw in a thread above the: Aktivitätsanzeige. I did not know about before. APu takes CPU after scrolling 30%, after some time it is: 0. Energie is: 0 too. And under the battery-symbol it is written to this time: Erheblicher Energieverbrauch? Shall say, I think, it can ! use much energy, or what ever. Thanks, lars
  13. Hi, my macbook tells that APub-ß has much energy use, while it is only started, nothing is loaded in it, nothing worked last hour. Regards, lars
  14. larsh

    much energy use?

    Thanks, I have no problem with it (electricity comes out of the wall...). But may be the staff like to know about. Bye, Old Greek. lars
  15. Hi, I got MD from the German site, one chapter, and set it to a book with 2 col. That works, first page (left), 2. page. But I don´t find the way to bring it to the 3. p. There was a frame: APu is crashed, but it did not happen. http://gutenberg.spiegel.de/buch/-8065/18
  16. larsh

    much energy use?

    Hi Alfred, picking the battery-symbol on mac above right it says: Erheblicher Energieverbrauch, next line is set: Affinity Publisher Beta. Best, lars
  17. larsh

    move image in the frame?

    Hi, a more simple way. I use APu only in a simple way to make a book with my photographies, as others collect their prints in shoe-boxes. It is not to get a price in graphics. So I have – the last one – 200 images, all the same format with the same margins. Then it is fine not first to make a frame with the frame tool and bring the image into it, but to move from the image tool or even Finder the images to the pages. They get a frame then and two klick and move bring it to the margins with snaps, the frame a little smaller than the files, as I told about above; the images are may be 400 dpi then. In a next step I would like to make my book a little more different (graphics price). The dobble-click in this ! frame was fine to make a new mouse-symbol: 1. to change the frame and 2. by press ctrl or so move the image in it to have a detail. Thats why I in an thread before asked for making a sign to included images on the image tool field. Regards, lars
  18. Hi, my image is a little bit bigger than the frame. It is fine, that the whole pic moves to the frame first. How can the image set to 100% and then moved a little inside the frame? Thanks, lars
  19. larsh

    move image in the frame?

    THANKS! It´s not what I hoped for, but nearly the same.
  20. larsh

    move image in the frame?

    Hi, dear staff, please tell me about my problem.
  21. larsh

    move image in the frame?

    Thanks, but this does not work. I found the Copy, paste... with ctrl-click. And I tried left the frame tool. No success. What I look for: the frame is say: 12x18 cm. The image 18x27 (300 dpi). First moving the image on the page it is 12x18 too; the full image is seen (maybe 400 dpi). Sometimes I would like to see less as the full image and 1. see the image in 100%, so the frame is smaller as the image and there is some of the full image hidden. 2. I wish to move the image inside the frame. Hope it is better to understand now, regards, lars
  22. Hi, MEB, the way to include images in Pub. can be done over the icon on the left: image tool. This is the official way (it is possible too to open Finder and move this table on the screen). Then the field comes down to let me move images to the pages. It is possible to make this table more wide and less high, but not to move it. And if this table is open one cannot do more then choose images; other commands are frozen. Using Finder it is possible to move the overview of pages on the left to find a page/ image. But one need a single directory on the desktop to do this. By the way, to see in the official table which images are included to this time was fine. My simple work is to bring 100 or 200 photographies to a book for myself, only few text. This works very fine, the snapping is best. Regards, lars
  23. Hi, if choosing images in the official table all other functions are blocked. So it is not possible to have a look to another page fare away if it is used there. Free the table, I ask you again, and free the other functions. Best, lars
  24. larsh

    start Apu

    Hi, it is a directory with the *.afpub, which I click, and the included images, I think the are embedded for the file is very big and runs allone (last version). Now the mistake-field is another one, but the sens is near the olf one. But it is not a problem for me. Best, lars