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  1. Jimmy Jack - you are my hero. Thanks.
  2. I just discovered that if I hit "rasterize" the image clears up. Is this a good way to fix this? Or is it bad?
  3. Hi - I am new to Affinity photo. I tried rotating an image of a window in crop mode. As you can see from the screen capture - it makes the bars all choppy. The original is a good sized file and does not look choppy. When I export - it looks OK. Is there any way to fix this? It makes it hard to edit a photo like this. I'm running on Windows 10. I don't have this issue with other applications. Thanks
  4. Hi - I am on a trial of Affinity. I am currently using LR and PS. What programs do people recommend for use with Affinity to help manage their photos? Cataloging, rating, culling, etc? I like what I see in Affinity - I'm just trying to figure out a workflow for the software. I am using a PC. I do some event photography so I often have a lot of photos that I have to turn over quickly. Thanks for the help.