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  1. Thanks Larsh. For some reason Affinity Photo doesn't show up as an option. (See attached screen shot.) I don't know if the C1-12 is full and can't add any more. Not sure how to cut down the list. Dan
  2. I use Capture One as my raw editor and use Affinity Photo for big edits. In Capture One, I normally use the command "Edit with" then choose Affinity Photo. The problem is that after the last update, and installing Affinity Publisher, Capture One can't "find" Affinity Photo. It can find Affinity Publisher - but not Affinity Photo. Capture One says its not their problem. Any help available?
  3. Jimmy Jack - you are my hero. Thanks.
  4. I just discovered that if I hit "rasterize" the image clears up. Is this a good way to fix this? Or is it bad?
  5. Hi - I am new to Affinity photo. I tried rotating an image of a window in crop mode. As you can see from the screen capture - it makes the bars all choppy. The original is a good sized file and does not look choppy. When I export - it looks OK. Is there any way to fix this? It makes it hard to edit a photo like this. I'm running on Windows 10. I don't have this issue with other applications. Thanks
  6. Hi - I am on a trial of Affinity. I am currently using LR and PS. What programs do people recommend for use with Affinity to help manage their photos? Cataloging, rating, culling, etc? I like what I see in Affinity - I'm just trying to figure out a workflow for the software. I am using a PC. I do some event photography so I often have a lot of photos that I have to turn over quickly. Thanks for the help.

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