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  1. Ok, I did some testing with different projects and I can not reproduce this problem anymore. I was using NIK Color Efex and thought that it could be a problem, but It all works as it should...
  2. Hi Chris, I think my post is a bit confusing, please forget photoshop and lightroom part and let me explain it again. (English is not my mother tongue but I will try my best) The above photo (in my first post) on the left is what I see in Photo Persona within AP after all adjustments I have applied to it. The photo on the right is the same photo simply exported from AP as Jpeg so it should look exactly the same as the one on the left. As you can see for some reason the exported jpeg is more saturated. I am Exporting photo like this: File ---- Export ---- JPEG (within Export Settings) I attached Develop settings screenshot below as well.
  3. Hi, I am experiencing color difference after exporting a photo from AP - Exported jpeg is more saturated. It happens with retail version as well as with the latest Beta. Photoshop and Lightroom exported files work as they should. Please see attached screenshot. Laptop with Win 10 64bit, Nvidia GTX 850M, 16GB RAM.
  4. Viveza on my laptop with Win 10 doesn't work as expected too. All photos look like they have been taken with a purple filter on the lens...
  5. Unfortunately, I am experiencing exactly what aaturner said...
  6. The raw output format is actually set to RGB 16 bit, I tried to change it to 32 and back to 16 bits but there is no change... Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  7. Same problem here. In Develop persona the Histogram's display is skewed to the left suggesting that blacks should be clipping while it is not true. I have opened the same photo in Lightroom so you can see the problem. In both Histograms, it is the same RAW photo without any adjustments. Photo looks the same in both applications it is just the Histogram that it is skewed to the left in AP. However, when I switch to Photo persona the Histogram looks like the one in Lightroom... This photo was taken with Nikon D7100, but it is the same problem with photos taken with Nikon D750. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1jm5gnex09264x/RAW%20Histogram.png?dl=0
  8. I have exactly the same problem on my win 10 laptop. This makes Develop Persona unusable for me.
  9. I have got the same problem on my win 10 laptop. When in Develop Persona, histogram display is not correct as the graph is heavily placed to the left suggesting very dark image with clipped blacks which is not true. However, after clicking on Develop button which switches to Photo Persona the Histogram looks completely different. This makes the Histogram in Develop Persona completely unusable.
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