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  1. I am working on a PC with Windows 10Photograph with a Nikon d5200. In Affinity Photo I use RAW Engine Serif Labs (others are not offered).Opening a NEF file (24MB) takes about 30 seconds ...This is much longer than with other software (sometimes 3-4x). Why?
  2. Hello, that's a big problem with Affinity Photo. From the beginning, the opening of NEF files takes a long time. To date, no update brought an improvement. It is mentioned that it is worked on this problem - but without effect.
  3. Hello,I have been using Affinity Photo since first Windows Trials. The problem with slow opening of NEF files has existed since the beginning. It has not been fixed in any version so far. There is also a lack of correct answers from the authors of the software. On my computer, I can use Lightroom or Capture one in seconds to open the same NEF files. Then just love AP! Too bad, because it's a great software. Greetings
  4. Hello, Affinity Photo for Windows (version 1.5.2) has not brought any improvement in NEF in Windows 10 files. The opening of an approx. 27.5 large file takes about 35 seconds. A professional use is not possible. When does a solution come?
  5. Hi, even repeated tests with me have confirmed : Opening time 35 seconds
  6. NEF file Nikon d5200, 6036x4020px, 24.26 MB. Opening time 35 seconds. Windows 10 Pro
  7. Hello, I hope this is solved now also the problem of slow opening of RAW (NEF) files in Windows 10.
  8. Hallo, danke für die Information. Grüße
  9. Hi, ich möchte ein Verlauf (gradient) von Photoshop als Verlauf (*.grd) importieren und in Affinity Photo als Verlauf benutzen. Geht es? Grüße
  10. Hallo, kann man in Affinity Photo Verlauf importieren (z. B. von Photoshop) importieren? Grüße
  11. Hello, today I installed Affinity Photocustomer Beta - The problem with the long opening time for NEF file has remained. No improvement. Best regards
  12. Hello, I have uploaded 2 NEF files on Dropbox Best regards
  13. Here is another NEF file: https://secure.shoeboxapp.com/photo/9dbeb1d4527087931e303dcdf10db891f245a02308bb9344d51a5880f6a44cfe02
  14. Hello, enclosed a NEF file Greetings https://nis.nikonimagespace.com/html/myphoto/de/view/albums/albums/14lirvo00000n10o6j9b00xpi5e/photos/p1/share/setting
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