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  1. I am working on a PC with Windows 10Photograph with a Nikon d5200. In Affinity Photo I use RAW Engine Serif Labs (others are not offered).Opening a NEF file (24MB) takes about 30 seconds ...This is much longer than with other software (sometimes 3-4x). Why?
  2. Hello, that's a big problem with Affinity Photo. From the beginning, the opening of NEF files takes a long time. To date, no update brought an improvement. It is mentioned that it is worked on this problem - but without effect.
  3. Hello,I have been using Affinity Photo since first Windows Trials. The problem with slow opening of NEF files has existed since the beginning. It has not been fixed in any version so far. There is also a lack of correct answers from the authors of the software. On my computer, I can use Lightroom or Capture one in seconds to open the same NEF files. Then just love AP! Too bad, because it's a great software. Greetings
  4. Then they have a particularly fast computer ... And I believe that wire would like to use AffinityPhoto professionäl ... In many contributions, the problem with NEF files is equally problematized.
  5. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64Bit - version 1709, build 16299.309Opening a NEF file 6036x4020 px, 24.26 MP:Affinity Photo takes 30 secondsCapture one takes 2 secondsAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Version 7.2 takes 2 seconds
  6. I am using Windows 10 and Affinity Photo The opening of a NEF file still takes 35 seconds. This is already an old topic and until today it has not solved a new version of Affinity Photo.
  7. Hello, The situation with long opening times of NEF files (Windows 10) does not get any better. No BETA version of Photo Affinity solved the problem.
  8. I also have the problem. The opening of an NEF file (about 24MB) also takes about 45 seconds. I have already noticed more often on this problem in this forum. There are comments from others how fast they can open the RAW files. I work with Capture one 10 pro and also with Adobe Lghtroom and there the files are opened in seconds. No beta version of Photo Affinity has solved this problem so far. I do not understand this strategy when it comes to the software requirements. Is it an unsolved problem for Windoes 10? This software would be very interesting for Windows 10 users. OS: Windows 10 Pro
  9. Hi Mark, In the attachment I send the desired file.. Opening time 85 seconds DSC_0105.NEF
  10. Hi Mark, In beta version 66 the aperture (NEFF file 6000x4000 px) took 37 seconds. In version 74 it was 18 seconds. Now (in version 79) it is 67 seconds! In the attachment I send the desired file. I am one of the first to have already in the Windows test sodware. Hopeful! I keep my fingers crossed for further development this is interesting softeware! Unfortunately, the state of Affinity Photo on a Windows 10 per computer (concerning start times and also the opening hours of RAW files are very dissatisfied!) I also solve this from other colleagues in the Affinity forum, On my computer running C1 version 10 Pro and also LR6 without Problems and very fast ... Log.txt
  11. Earlier beta was faster. However, it was still very slow (opening the software and opening the RAW (NEF) files, which is VERY slow, the software is not ready for Windows 10 computers yet. The information about the opening of RAW files in 10, 6 seconds are not real!
  12. Hello, today the beta version installed. The software opens more slowly than before and the opening of an NEF file (6000x4000px) takes about 60 seconds .... The promised improvement is not there (even a deterioration). Windows 10 Pro. Greetings
  13. Hello, thank you for new beta version. The program opening time is still too long. The opening time of RAW (NEF) files is still very long. Windows 10 Pro With regards
  14. Hello, despite a small improvement, the data opening times are still very long. For Windows 10 it is especially long with RAW files.
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