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  1. Like many others on this forum I also have many files created in PPX9. After playing with Affinity Pub for while I came to the conclusion outlined by Patrick i.e. use PPX9 for my legacy files and create new work with Affinity. However, on further thought I wasn't sure what benefits Affinity actually offered as PPX9 still works, does all that I need it to do and there is no learning curve.
  2. Thanks for explanation. I don't do much (any) drawing!
  3. Many thanks. I can see that now. I am not sure why I would want to rotate the entire page but maybe I will find a use for it once I am more familiar with Affinity Pub.
  4. Hi, I insert a shape (or image) on to a page, When I then right click on that shape and, from the drop down menu, select Rotate Right/Left then the shape and the whole page rotates. If I select Rotate from under Transform then only the shape rotates, as I would expect. Have I misunderstood something?
  5. bbroth

    Bleed set up an visibility

    Thanks. Just seen also seen that information on the Suggestions section. Sorry, I should have researched a bit before posting.
  6. bbroth

    Bleed View

    Also glad to hear this. I had just posted in the beta forum to ask if I was missing a setting!
  7. Yes. I would also welcome this feature as I have many ppp files that I often reuse.
  8. Hi, Once bleed has been set up, I cannot see it on the displayed page. I would have expected it to be shown as margins are shown. Am I missing some setting? Regards Barry Brotherton
  9. Hi, My desktop PC runs Windows 10 Home on 32 bit system (X64 processor). It has 4Mb RAM. Display card is NVIDIA Geforce 8400GS with DirectX runtime version 11. Will Affinity Photo run on this system? Regards Barry Brotherton