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  1. So, once again, using the Catalina 10.15.5 Apple Photos extension to edit in Affinity Photo (AF) 1.8.3 (purchased through Apple App Store) is broken. This was broken in Catalina 10.15; fixed (for me) in 10.15.4; now broken again in 10.15.5. Doesn't matter if I right click and choose the "Edit In…" command, or enter Apple Photos' edit mode, and use the extension. Doesn't matter if the image is a JPG or HEIC (both worked in 10.15.4). Rebuilt Photos library; unchecked and re-checked all AF extension in System Preferences; AF does NOT show up in System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Photos. Once again, at a loss and frustrated.
  2. FWIW: In my case ALL the AF v1.7.x "quick edit" extensions (i.e., Haze Removal, Monochrome, Retouch, Miniature, etc.) DO function and save to the .jpg file as expected in macOS Catalina Photos. Only the "Edit in Affinity Photo" OR "Luminary 3" (i.e., the actual applications) do NOT safe edits back to the .jpg file in Photos. Was wondering if this had something to do the the new Privacy Settings in the System Prefs Security & Privacy module, but all relevant items seem to be checked to authorize access.
  3. Saving AP 1.7.3 edits into the most current macOS Photos (Mojave 10.14.6) app worked perfectly (and swiftly)! Now in Catalina, the AP extension is broken. Adding English version of error message…
  4. Having the same issue. PLEASE FIX! Too often upgrades are one step forward, two steps back.
  5. Absolutely. But that's a workflow from the last decade. I was pointing out that when editing photos using the far more convenient Photos extension method, Affinity Photo does not recognize Portrait Mode depth of field, while Luminar 3 does. Perhaps this will be addressed in a future update.
  6. Just wanted to confirm Affinity 1.7 still does not support the iOS 12.x native Camera apps' Portrait Mode feature. When using the Edit in Affinity Photo extension in the macOS 10.14.5 Photos app, any images taken using the Portrait Mode feature of the stock iOS 12.x Camera app (A image) do NOT show up with any depth-of-field (bokeh)...set within the Photos app...in Affinity Photo (B image). Luminar 3, on the other hand, respects whatever depth-of-field was previously set in the macOS Photos app (A image) when using the Photos app extension to post-process the image. Though once edits have been saved and the image is returned to the Photos app, the ability to edit the depth-of-field is no longer possible. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  7. I, too, am desperate for Affinity Photo to produce the excellent displacements maps Photoshop produced. The results are horrible. The Photoshop tutorial video submitted by hilavoku is a classic! Please…fix this feature in Photo!
  8. Hi: I'm running AP 1.6.7, and still get anti-aliasing when using the clone stamp tool during retouching of fine detail, even with brush set to 100% hardness, and ALL "Dynamics" set to 0%. Am I missing something? Thanks, Eric
  9. Running Affinity Photo 1.5.1 with macOS Sierra 10.12.1, on a late 2015 iMax 27-inch Retina with 32GB RAM. Spent hours retouching images stored in the Photos app, using the "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension. Changes were initially "saved" in Photos (i.e., I was able to swap between the "original" and "edited" view using the "M" shortcut in Photos). The next day, I discovered at least two of my Affinity Photo edited images have reverted back to their original, un-edited, state when viewing in the Photos app. Used the "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension to confirm none of my retouching appeared in Affinity Photo. Without making ANY edits, I closed the file in Affinity Photo which took me back to the editing screen in the Photos app. However, the image displayed in the Photos app was of the LAST file retouched and saved using Affinity Photo! Only when clicking on the "Revert to Original" button in Photos did the image preview revert back to the actual file. Why only some of the images reverted back is a mystery as I did not make additional edits to them in the Photos app, or with any other third-party extension. Prior to the AP 1.5 release, I used the excellent "External Editors" Photos extension with AP 1.4x to retouch well over 200 images without any issues what-so-ever (other than AP crashing now and then). This is why I don't believe it is a bug in macOS Sierra's Photos app. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eric
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