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    photography, manipulation and restauration
  1. hypnomedi

    update 1.5.1 pentool crash

    thanks It works fine now !!
  2. installed the update and when I click on Pen Tool the program crashes ! over and over again. even after restarting my computer. deleted the update, installed previous version and Pen Tool works correct !
  3. hi all, just started with Affinity. great program , here my first manipulation with Affinity ! All used pictures are also mine !!
  4. hypnomedi

    brushes wacom tablet

    hi, i am new here. the (bug) maybe already has mentioned. i have a wacom intuos3 A6 tablet. while using different brushes with the Wacom pen, the circle that is showing the brush size disappears from the screen. Using the mouse and the circle is back visible , again using my wacom pen and the circle again circle disappear !