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  1. /me logs in once in a blue moon to find out if scripting support has been agreed, or started, or even implemented in beta yet, etc. I live in hope. Cas
  2. Bit of a faff but a nice workaround for sure. Cas
  3. bump... how would we bring this to the attention of the Affinity team? It's such an easy thing to do. Cas
  4. We make computer games and scripting support is essential to our pipeline. We have literally thousands of bits and bobs in a game and we can't afford to manually manipulate everything one at a time with a GUI. Our artist Chaz makes extensive use of scripting for 3dsmax and Adobe stuff. We'd really like to be able to automate and manipulate AD completely using scripts. Any language would do. Or all of them. (We also really need to be able to set the transparency marquee to some other colour so we can easily edit white mask shapes as well but that's another story...) Cas
  5. Yes! Yes! This, 1000x this! I have to keep changing everything to black or red before I edit it and then change it back to white before I save it out. All it'll take is just one slider... While you're at it wouldn't it be nice to lock the checkerboard and zoom such that it aligns with the pixel grid... Cas :)
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