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  1. Hmm maybe the PDF Passtrough could help but i've made a quick test with some downloaded pdf and don't work, even in preflight i have a lot of warning of missing fonts. I don't see any difference choosing Passtrough or interpret in this specific case (3 pdfs) I have a result similar to Dazmondo77 and even exporting the files are not ok. Edit: Now i've done another test and the files are almost 98/99% ok!! @Dazmondo77 choose the preset PDF (Print) and give it a try. @AdamW The first time i've done the test i've used the X-1a:2003 and it didn't work. Should the passtrough work
  2. Because and before i test i think they are doing with PSD files exactly what i've explained (open the file completely in a bitmap way (as an image) and not editable) and want for PDF files. Or maybe i'm wrong and what i've quoted is not supposed to work like i'm thinking and that won't make sense for you but it does for me. Maybe i haven't explained myself the best way (I'm Portuguese )
  3. If this is what i'm thinking i would love the abbility to choose bitmap or the way that it is now (editable) when we open pdf files, not only in Publisher, but Designer and Photo too would be really useful for me. Ex: A client send me one file with fancy fonts or something and i need to set a plane for print with 4 on a page, at this time and since i don't have the assets in the pdf file i will end up with a file that is not like the original one and the option to place it/open as a bitmap (like photoshop does) would solve that problem for me.
  4. I have seen this behaviour too. You don't need to click on templates, if you click in one tab of presets they will show up.
  5. Let me put another entry, this time my windows machine (wich is not my main machine 😁 This one is 2 months old and i really like my Mac Mini, but i think i need to start thinking to switch) AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-core, 16GB DDR4 2133, Radeon RX 5500 XT, Plextor Nvme SSD
  6. My Mac Mini Late 2012 😂 ☺️ Intel i7 Quad-core @ 2.3Ghz, 16GB RAM DDR3 1600, Intel HD 4000, Crucial SSD
  7. Can't wait to test the contour tool (will absolutely be one of my new best friends!) and the select same (hope this can let us choose at least by fill and by stroke (shape too?)) Just out of curiosity would be nice if you give us the minimum/normal bechmarks that should be expected from the software to run flawlessly. Thank you!
  8. No, not yet. I will. Thanks @Mark Ingram that solved the problem! Thanks.
  9. I have a problem with affinity photo customer beta on windows. On monday when the update process was on is way, my pc was shut down by a general power off occurred even in the streets. After that i can't install it anymore... Always setup failed, the uninstall process too, then i've tried to remove manually the installation folder and i've used ccleaner to remove the registry entries, but even that way it doesn't work... it still appear on the "installed applications" but i can't remove it because it give me some binaries error. I've tried installing the version that was there before
  10. @IsabelAracama the problem could be font related too, some corrupted fonts, font cache or even a lot of them installed. I've found if i have more than 1500 fonts installed my system start to become a little bit crazy especially Designer that start to give me some permission error or permission denied everytime i save or export a file, so this is something to keep an eye on it too.
  11. Since we are starting to lift some lockdown rules here in Portugal starting from today May 4, the small shops are now allowed to reopen, i've made some signs in Affinity Designer and i've printed them in stickers. I've showed them to my clients in Isometric mockup created in Affinity Designer.
  12. Congrats guys! Well deserved! Thanks for the hard work that let us have great apps at our disposal and at a really good price which doesn't make us feel imprisoned! Keep them coming!
  13. Hi Sean This was on a new document, created from scratch in 1.7.3, but i've had it too once with a document created on 1.7.2. After those 4 or 5 attempts i've had no more crashes since, but i haven't done too much since it was from this morning but i will let you know if i have more. I have a good number of fonts installed but i've had a problem on version 1.6 and after that i know that i can't have more than 2500 installed/activated so, for now i have less than 2000. For some reason (that's i i've asked you to take a look at the crash) the same way the problem shows up, th
  14. I've updated the app to 1.7.3, i'm working on a simple document and when i'm going to export it to pdf the app simply crashes everytime. After 4 or 5 attempts to make it work with nothing changed, no more crashes but if you can take a look at the crash report it would be appreciated. Maybe something that's my fault? (Don't think so) Thank you. Affinity Designer_2019-10-02-103912_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  15. Just want to thank you all! I've just downloaded my own brushes because i've lost my file and i've noticed 406 downloads! That's pretty nice!
  16. Thank you all! @ydaltak I've done that and when things starting closing gasps they were too tight and look like a continuos word. What i've done is to select all the text and changed the kerning to a negative value. @thomaso i will check that out!
  17. How can i reduce the space between 2 words in a paragraph? See the attached image please. Reduce the space marked by the black lines. I've tried the justification options in the paragraph studio but when it start to become closer it's too tight. Any opinions/sugestion? Thanks
  18. Just to say thank you! Didn't know that trick but it is really helpful. I've just used it and it was much more easier than trial and error with the rotation. Thanks again.
  19. You should check updates in the App Store, 1.7.1 came out a few minutes ago. I'm still doing some tests.
  20. Lot of crashes this morning because i've had the need to export a lot of files from different works. I've had crashes with pdf, png, jpgs and svgs. I've had one of them that the export dialog appear as normal and go through the end and when i've searched for him in the folder it wasn't there and when i've exported to the same folder, crash. I've had crashes saving to a NAS folder but have had saving to the desktop too... That was not occuring in the last .14 beta. Affinity Designer_2019-06-13-124011_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  21. @MEB I've had some too. Here is a crash report i've saved. export.crash.rtf
  22. @budaloco It's usable, sometimes that happens but believe me it's much better than 3 or 4 builds before in beta stage. thanks for the improvements @Ben. Looking forward to the new ones.
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