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  1. That is exactly what I needed. ctrl+tab in Affinity 2 does the same thing as command+` in version 1 I'm on Ventura and don't actually see how to change this in Affinity because I would prefer to the version 1 method just because that's what I've done for years as the MacOS standard. @thomaso I have mine setup the exact same way. In fact, the only app this does not work in (that I have checked) is Affinity 2. I have to use ctrl+tab now. If there is a way to change it in v2.1 I'll try it out.
  2. In Affinity 1 I could command+~ to switch between open documents. that doesn't seem to work in Affinity 2. Is there way to implement that? I can't seem to find it in the shortcuts.
  3. No. We don't use any assets at all in the file.
  4. @_Th - yes that old trick always worked for ID. I still do it for Affinity and it seems to help but not much. @MikeTO - exactly. I started there and embedded files don't total more than 5MB. Here is what that looks like: I've tried importing the document into a new file using "Document/Add Pages from file..." and it still saves as over 120MB Not sure where else to try considering the files just ballon so much. Other than that, everything runs great.
  5. We create a 12 page weekly newspaper and Publisher works very well. I really like the work put in on V2.1 Each week before we start the layout pages we clean off the previous weeks ads (mostly created in Designer and exported as PDF), update the dates on the headers and masthead. We leave a few small things on the pasteboard such as writer pictures that recur. Then save as to "clean up" the file like we did in Indesign before we switched in 2021 and it would reduce the file size. The only thing that are embedded are a few writer pictures which are about 100kb or less. In V. 2.1 the file sizes don't get smaller, or not much. It currently sits at about 500+ MB with nothing on the pages. All files are dropped in from Finder when we start the layout and all are linked from pictures to the ads. Just for reference a layout file in Indesign would be 15-40MB when completed AFpub 1 would be 200-300 MB range AFpub 2 is over 450-500 MB range and growing for each paper. The PDF files produced from Affinity are 35-50MB which is similar to Indesign Is there a "cache" in the files themselves that can cleared out? Anything I might be missing?
  6. I wish I had a better answer on that. Have you tried using Display menu Pro? It lets you choose different native resolutions. I use it on all my macs. It might be something to try.
  7. anything else you might be running that might cause this? I don't have any issues with Stage Manager and Affinity 2.11 (or even 1.10) apps. It doesn't seem to matter Intel or Apple. I'm surprised how well they behave with stage manager.
  8. I warped a graphic with the live filter in Publisher photo persona and when I go to export the file with bleeds, it shows the area out side the trim as white. If I raster the graphic then it exports fine.
  9. Is there a way to make it the active palette and keep it that way? In v1 I do have my palette as the one that comes up for every document first, including new.
  10. I have set the default palette that I have created and everytime I open a document to CMYK/8, and it always revets back to "Colors" no matter which program I'm in. Is there a different use for that setting? It stays in Affinity 1.
  11. attached. Test Live Perspective Bottle.afdesign
  12. I used the perspective warp and narrowed the warp at the edges of the bottle like it would look in life. Then I put the "symbol" inside at different places of the warp. I can post the file if you want to take it apart.
  13. Pretty much it. The two bottles had the artwork placed in a square at different places to show different sides at the same time. Each of the symbols are inside a rectangle that has the warp group applied to it. This worked since the original artwork was all on one board.
  14. I have heard rumors that Adobe will finally address the warning in Acrobat this year. We'll wait and see. This is a very old restriction and the PDF standard was updated years ago but Acrobat, Indesign, Illustrator etc. have not been corrected as far as I know. The PDF is fine. Our RIPs recognize the data, even those that are imposed in Acrobat using Quite Imposing which is not restricted to the 200x200 size limit. They will throw the warning up and show the PDF cut off, but the data is there and it works fine in other PDF viewers.
  15. The ability to do the live warp in real time from different angles is incredible! The instruction videos show a little of what can be done, but messing around with it last night, you can use it right in the file you are working on. So many opportunities here. Has other programs had this and I have missed it? Battle for Sanity.mp4
  16. I'm Running MacOS Ventura 13.4 and Affinity Designer 2.1.0
  17. I'm seeing the same thing as Mike. When first opened it does not show the bleed but turning off and on Show bleeds, then does show the bleeds correctly. It also exports fine using our custom press settings. There is a view bug but I think it is exporting right. I'm using the Ventura .4 and Affinity 2.1 - not beta Perhaps there is something in the beta not working.
  18. Ok. Thanks for that. I just upgraded to Ventura. That makes sense now that the upgrade is what caused the problem. I had them before. What a shame. I have the duplicate installed and other programs see it just not Affinity. The one thing I would say that contradicts the other thread is that existing documents can't use it either, and maybe that changed in a recent update of the OS.
  19. I just installed the font Athelas using Font Book and the Affinity apps cannot see it. Indesign and LibreOffice can use it just fine, but not Publisher or Designer in either V1 or V2. Is there something I should try? I'm on Ventura 13.4
  20. that does do better, but I really can't handle dark mode very long. I don't mind for photos but design is just too dark and gives a feeling of tunnel vision.
  21. it seems to be only the layers pallet that this effects. It wouldn't be too bad on a regular screen, but when you have many layers on a 4k screen, it's not always easy.
  22. I'm not sure if I'm missing a setting, but in the layers studio panel I have a hard time seeing because it is "grey text on a grey background". I've turned on the high contrast setting in interface and it seems to effect every panel except for layers. Didn't have this problem in V1. What am I missing? BTW - V2.1 is fantastic and I appreciate all Serif's work and those who help out on these forums!
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