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  1. Got a new problem that I have not encountered before and I believe it is probably a simple option that I am missing. In Designer 1.10.4 Mac OS (doesn't matter which) I have an artboard and off to the side I have objects for placing on the artboard for building an ad. I select items on the artboard and then I can no longer click and select objects outside the artboard, even on other artboards. I am locked to specifically that artboard. In the layers pallet I can choose objects outside the artboard and then I can select others directly outside the artboard as normal, but as soon as I click in that artboard again, anything else else outside that artboard is once again unselectable. It does look like it wants to select has a has a blue glow that fades around the object as you click the item the first time. I restarted the Designer. I tried the same file on another computer. They all have that going on now for that specific file. What did I click that made this happen? thanks!
  2. something similar for sure but I'm not certain with the OP's feelings keep getting in the way of a conversation.
  3. it seems to only do it when I link an IDML text frame to an affinity created text frame.
  4. This is a file that was created in INDD but then later done as an IDML to AFPUB. Here is the video - might be better than trying to explain: Screen Recording 2021-12-16 at 10.40.50 AM.mp4
  5. I wish you luck. Do you have a backup that you could pull from and make edits? I have had the same issue with one of our Macs recently.
  6. I hate to report but this is still happening. Went nearly two weeks with no problems then last Monday file corruption. This week switching to wifi only to see if that helps. I have noticed that it will go through times where it disconnects and reconnects repeatedly from ethernet saying unplugged even though it is not. This computer is rebooted daily. This M1 still has placed PDFs that are blank on screen - print fine though. My next test will be to run it using our files in Dropbox to see if local has any issues. I'm just not sure if this is just a faulty Mac or something else.
  7. I think this might be the problem. I have the same thing. After too many hours without rest, things can blur and blend. I find it's not a good idea for my work, and therefore my clients, to not be fully aware. It suffers and makes me frustrated.
  8. I would like to submit a feature request for Capitalization: Right clicking on selected text bring up the menu with a "Capitalization" from the "text menu" as an option. Then the text menu capitalization submenu to follow. It would be much easier to change some of the text that people send me in their emails without having to go to the menu each time. I could probably make that a keyboard shortcut. thanks!!
  9. Hi Mike, I think it was that particular ethernet cable. We have not experienced any of the glitches, corruptions or the random slowdowns since replacing the cable. The thing that is probably the easiest thing to change is probably also the easiest to overlook. The computer has been running much better. You don't really think of a cable as wearing out or causing random glitches. if anything reverts back, I'll inform, but so far it seems very fast. The first clue that this was a unique issue was no one responded. If M1 was a problem there would be many people saying they ran into something similar. thank you for getting back with me! bryce
  10. We are a print shop that produces a lot of content and we recently decided to start testing an M1 Mac Mini with Affinity in a production environment. With the change of architecture we knew this may not be exactly perfect but with Serif doing such a good job on the transition we thought it would be a good time to start testing. There are a couple things that are glitchy and one that is a showstopper. 1. Glitchy: placed PDFs will randomly disappear on the screen. They are still there in the resource manager they just show blank. 2. Showstopper: Lots of file corruption every day. A book that was worked on all day will suddenly become corrupt and cannot be opened. Even if it worked all day long, saved and closed, the next day it will be damaged when we go to open it. The environment is this: All computers are connected on an ethernet LAN to Mac Server where files are backed up using Time Machine and offsite cloud storage. We have never had an issue until the M1 with file corruption and now we have it multiple times per day. The intel macs still have no corruption issues. Anyone else seeing anything similar? This morning I am switching out ethernet lines just to see if that might be the problem. Next I'll see if working directly from the cloud (dropbox) would be better since it has to download a local copy to work on. I am wondering if these issues are specific to our M1 and we have a bad model or if there is something else going on that we can address this quickly.
  11. Ok. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me. I really like the feature, especially the vector. I also would like to see subscription options available to others like shutterstock, integrated into Affinity. A person would login through that affinity interface and have access to their accounts they already have.
  12. I've noticed today that I cannot load any images from pixabay. I tried this on multiple M1 and Intel Macs. Anyone else having this issue? thanks!
  13. If I get a new computer, how do I move the new document presets to the new computer for Affinity Publisher or Designer?
  14. I tried it again, there is no setting of PDF that is compatible with AFfinity's placing option that won't be rasterized to a JPG in side a PDF container - according to the prevlight dialog box. I wish Serif would be definitive on this so I knew what to choose. What does not work is PDF Export. It really does rasterize everything when the page is exported that the PDF was placed on.
  15. I never thought of seperated mode as a possible issue. Does that mode cause other effects that I should be aware of?
  16. I do believe this may be fixed. The first time a did a "Save As" the Publisher did not crash. that is the first time in months that it has not crashed performing that type of save. Let's hope this is good permanently.
  17. If you have the fonts and know the two words you want, I would think 15 minutes would get you done in Designer - as vector. Here is one I created. It took about an hour for everything. I can't imagine that a couple of words with a mid curve could be that much of aproblem.
  18. One thing to think about is if you have Presets (where circled), I have had the OS deleted them at times - Very frustrating. I lose them out of all apps.
  19. you have rotated your pasteboard. On the Mac it's fairly easy to do with touchpad. Click View and reset rotation. It's a little different on Publisher but about the same.
  20. I've tried all of those in the list. When they come back in preflight always says they are incompatible. It does not seem to matter if it's the newest at 1.7 or the oldest at1.3 or PDF/X-4. They all have the same error and many will be rasterized on output. I check to make sure the PDf that came out of Designer is vector. I then place it in Publisher - preflight always gives the warning - Sometimes it's vector on output but many times it is not - as the warning suggests. I would like to see a list of what is fully compatible with passthrough in Publisher, but i haven't found it yet.
  21. Are you dropping the file in from finder/explorer or are you opening the file? That makes a big difference on how Designer handles a file. If you open the file, (PDF, EPS, etc.) it will, most likely, be editable as if it were made in Designer. If you are dropping it on the canvas, it will place it as an image/link. The only time I don't see this work to edit is if AI made the file and didn't embed the PDF.
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