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  1. When I use choose the option Metal, working with affinity photo becomes more slowly instead of becoming faster. Especially when using inpainting. Especially when removing dust for example (clicking fast and many times with small brush size). When I use use Open GL, everything runs smoothly, but when I choose Metal, I click much faster than affinity photo removes the dust / repair the spots. So I always have to wait, after clicking 20 times, until affinity photo has repaired all these areas. When using Open GL, I do not have this issue, and everything is fast (affinity photo repairs faster than I'm able to click...) I tried all options already in the preferences, but nothings helps, also complete uninstalling and reinstalling does not change anything. So far, I cannot see any advantage in using metal, and I go on with open GL. Hopefully this will be fixed until Apple switch off Open GL. Or anything else that I can try...? As far as I understand, Metal should be much faster than Open GL, not slower... Macbook Pro 2018, 15", Core i7 2,6 Ghz, 16 GB 2400 Mhz DDR4, SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 630 (VRAM 1536 MB), Radeon Pro 560X (VRAM 4 GB), MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 ---------------------------------------- UPDATE: I just tried the new BETA, and the issue disappeared! It seems the whole application runs faster now on Metal. The slowly inpainting brush is fast again (I don't know if exactly as fast like on Open GL - difficult to measure - but obviously much faster and nice to work with again). The batch processing, exporting jpgs from aphoto files, is about 10% faster than on the other version running metal, and faster than Open GL as well. I measured with stop-watch, because I wanted to know if it's really faster now, or just in my mind; I can confirm it is. So, I will use the BETA now for working, and I hope it's running stable...
  2. -Markus-

    Something Else Wrong in Masking

    I have 2 new screenshots. As you can see, nothing special, should be enough contrast to separate the selection easily. But after "refine selection"; check screenshot nr. 2. It will not get better when adjusting anything, it's getting worse as soon as I touch anything. This way the selection brush is useless. I cut out everything manually now, what is an amazing extra work, so please fix this issue asap.
  3. -Markus-

    Something Else Wrong in Masking

    I have the same issues when refine selection like Maxxxworld. It's a desaster...! Cut out anything and refine selection is not working correctly anymore. I get the same results like Maxxworld. Trying to adjust the result makes it even worse. So the selection brush is useless at present! (before the update it works just perfect) Please repair this asap. I cut out everything manually with the "Lasso" now, what takes ages, this is no professional working anymore. Update: Screenshot attached It happens also with non transparent objects (but I'm just working on these photos now, so I just took a screenshot), check out what happens to the shadows... There is no smooth gradient in the shadows anymore, but it comes out with artefacts like in this sample picture. Some time ago that works perfect, and I was really happy about this ability of cutting out objects that well and easy. After an update (I don't remember after Mac OS oder Affinity update) it does not work anymore... The funny thing is, sometimes it works on difficult objects with low contrast, and then suddenly it does not work anymore, even on objects with high contrast and sharp edges (both sides of the mask are full of artefacts, that looks like the shadows in my screenshot) BTW: Trying to adjust anything makes it much worse directly. I will post a better example later.
  4. -Markus-

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    The Workbook is really nice! It would be awesome, to get it also as pdf file. I would prefer to read the book on one space (mac) and have affinity photo program on another space, so I can just switch from book to program with a fingertip. I would even pay an additional amount (maybe € 5,)- for the pdf file. If you are afraid everybody will just copy the pdf file, and not purchasing the book anymore, you could just create personal copies for the buyer, with a unique ID number, and the name of the purchaser on each page, like Rheinwerk Verlag does it here in Germany. Just an idea... The buyer of the workbook would love it, and I guess many buyer of the printed workbook would agree to pay an extra € 5,- for a pdf file, so you would not have to do it for free.
  5. -Markus-

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    Yes, definitely the correct layer. I just opened a jpg and tried to select something. I also closed AP, tried another photo, restarted the Mac, nothing works. after uninstalling AP, and installing again, it works fine. This happened 2 times so far.
  6. -Markus-

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    I have the problem, that sometimes the selection brush is not working. When I use it, it does not select anything, but the step is shown in protocol. Have to uninstall AP, and install it again, than it works again...

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