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  1. Perfect. Yes, was more concerned about not being able to close the app.
  2. I tried to load the attached file and nothing happens, but when I try to close the program, it informs me: "At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application." Instead of doing that, it should cancel the loading process. Now I have to kill Photos from task manager. fasc2b.ps
  3. Curious if there's any progress. Original thread started... 2.5 years ago?
  4. On a fresh installation of Affinity Photo (probably Designer, too), the default location for "File > Open" is C:\Windows\System32, which isn't useful. It should probably be the %userprofile% folder. Or perhaps the "Documents" folder.
  5. My photo has 96 dpi (see screen shot), but when I try to resize it in Affinity, the DPI is set to 1, making it turn out 5.25x7 pixels instead of 5.25x7 inches, unless I type in the DPI by hand. DPI should be read from the file metadata.
  6. In the File Explorer on Windows 10, I expect the "(right click on image file) > open with" menu to list Affinity Photo as an option, but it doesn't. Suggest registering as a handler for image file types, during installation. I think there's a way to register with the "edit" and "open" verbs, but I'm not familiar with the process. This might help: Guidelines for File Associations and Default Programs.

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