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  1. Yes, it does. If you cut/paste a transparent png into Affinity, the transparency is lost and the background becomes black. This is not an issue with the copying. I can paste the same transparent png from my clipboard into, say, Jasc Paintshop Pro, or other image editing apps, and it retains its transparency. Only when pasting from the clipboard into Affinity Photo is the transparency lost. It is a significant PITA and cost in time. I have to save transparent PNGs as separate files, then load them into Affinity Photo separately, and then cut and paste them from within Affinity Photo.
  2. Affinity Photo just prompted me to update to version 1.6.1. Which I did. But where can I find the patch notes for the new version? Not here in the support forum. No link in the 'About' screen of the application. No apparent link on the Affinity website. Nothing in the application's Help file. Nothing in the application's Welcome screen. Congrats, I'm stumped.
  3. Thanks. Do I perhaps need to save and re-open Image1 as a PNG - with a set transparency color - before pasting into it? Maybe that will work.
  4. Hi, I recently made the jump across to Affinity Photo from Paintshop Pro. I'd appreciate your advice on how to paste transparent images in Affinity Photo. image1 is a standard (rasterised) image. Image2 is a logo with a transparent background. When I try to past Image2 as a new layer into Image1, the transparent layer of Image2 turns to black. How can I past Image2 as a new layer to Image1, while preserving its transparency? Thanks in anticipation of your advice.
  5. Me too. Very unintuitive. Please just add an Eyedropper tool on the tool palette. 1. Select Eyedropper tool. 2. Left click it somewhere on the image to set the foreground color. 3. Right click it somewhere on the image to set the background color. Much much much easier.
  6. In Paintshop Pro, I (1) use the marquee tool to select the area of an image I want to copy. (2) Ctrl-C to copy an area, then (3) Ctrl-E to create a floating selection, which will move with my mouse to wherever I want to place it. (4) Click to place it. This is very quick and easy, and I'd love to see it in Affinity Photo. (In Affinity, you need to (1) convert the Image layer to a Raster layer. (2) Use the marquee tool to select the area of the image you want to copy. (3) Hit Ctrl-C. (4) Hit Ctrl-V to place a static copy of the selected pixels over the original. (5) Change to the Move tool. (6) Click and drag andcopy of the selection to the place you want it. (7) Merge down the new layer that was created along the way.) Anyway, just a suggestion from a new user trialing Affinity Photo.
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