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  1. +1 I'm working with text right now and could use this feature. The Blend Gamma option is useful but the above could help speed up things. Thank you.
  2. Hi! Congratulations on the RC! I have noticed that saving an image via the Export option blurs the output image if it has been previously resized. The Export requester has a dropdown menu with resampling options (and there's no choice for "no resampling"), so it seems the image is being once again resampled upon export. I've confirmed this for different file formats, including jpg, png and tiff. Resampling the image does make sense if one is asking to export an image with a different resolution. But if one has already rescaled it using Resize Document and then exports it to save it, the resampling takes place twice and ends up adding blur (Nearest Neighbour & Lanczos are the ones with the least amount of blurring, but there are still changes in the image). This does not happen in Krita. What you save is what you get. Here go some sample images. Affinity Photo - export directly and rescale at the same time (no blur) Affinity Photo - rescale using Resize Document, then export image (blur) Krita - rescale image, then save (no blur) PNG files for better quality comparison Affinity Photo - export directly and rescale at the same time (no blur) Affinity Photo - rescale using Resize Document, then export image (blur)
  3. I have found out some additional info on this one. The problem surfaces when I have both Affinity Photo and Krita open at the same time. Rescaling in Affinity Photo using Resize Document in those cases results in bad resampling. If I close both programs and open only Affinity Photo the rescaling function using Resize Document works fine. Thought you might like to know.
  4. Hi jorismak, that's rather strange. I'm using Windows 8.1 here, what version of Windows are you using?
  5. Hi Mark, It looks like I've stumbled upon something. I tried rescaling the images straight from the File->Export function, instead of using Resize Document. The resampling algorithms work as they should that way, and are similar to Krita's results. So there seems to be a bug in the Resize Document function and how it's (not) connecting to the resampling algorithms. Attached go some images and a zip file as you requested. Hope this helps catch the bug. Krita rescaling - bicubic AP rescaling using Resize Document - bicubic AP rescaling using Export - bicubic Zip file AP rescaling test.zip
  6. Hi Mark, Thank you for your message an my apologies for the delay in replying, I was away from the net for a few days. Here's a new batch of images created with v1.5.0.42, with each one of the samplers. At the end you can find the original full-sized image, so you can test rescaling it to 750px like I did and see if you can get a result similar to Krita's rescaling. Thank you for your attention. Krita rescaling Affinity Photo rescaling - bilinear Affinity Photo rescaling - bicubic Affinity Photo rescaling - Lanczos Separable Affinity Photo rescaling - Lanczos Non Separable Affinity Photo rescaling - Nearest Neighbour Original image
  7. Hi! I noticed the release notes of the latest beta say the following bug was removed: Fixed wrong samplers being used when resizing documents I wanted to let you know that I tested it and the bug is still there. All the resampling algorithms in the Resize Document option give the same result in v1.5.0.39, which seems to be "nearest neighbour". Rescaled image using bilinear resampling - Affinity Photo
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. I tried changing algorithms again and noticed they all give the same result, all the options (including Bilinear) seem to be using the same algorithm that gives the above result.
  9. Hi! First of all, thank you for developing Affinity Photo. I've been testing it for a few days and it's working great! A much needed replacement for that well known "subscription" software. I've noticed that the quality of rescaled images is not as good as that produced by other graphics software. I've tried the different resampling algorithms but none of the reaches the quality of the other software, such as Krita, XNView or others. I'm including a couple of examples here, one rescaled with Affinity Photo, the other one with Krita. Please fix this, I take it implementing a better resampling algorithm must not be an overly difficult task and rescaling images is one of the most common processes used in image editing. Thank you for all your work. Affinity Photo rescaling Krita rescaling
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