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  1. I am your customer for Publisher, Designer and Photo and I wish to thank you for your products. I use Photo regularly. Designer and Publisher I have been and will be using very rarely - I bought them in support of you, your company, your efforts. Quality shall be supported. Over the past years I have become a fan of yours. I like what you do and how you do. Your products are very well thought through, offer tons of options - more than I will ever use. Your presentations and tutorials are honest and to the point and offer the information I look for. You seem to have fun besides the tremendous work you do. And I thoroughly like that your products can be bought without any subscription model. I wish you all the best. Daniel
  2. Hi Thanks for your very helpful and short tutorials. I have been wondering why calculations in your tutorials run so fast, e.g. when stacking images, creating panoramas, going into tone mapping persona etc. Do you do video editing to shorten the wait for the viewers or is your system that fast? If so, how could I improve performance substantially? Windows 10 Pro, 64bit Core i5 6500 @ 3.2GHz 16GB Dual Channel RAM nVidia GeForce GTX 750 SSD (System) & HDD (Data)
  3. Hi. Firstly: thanks a lot for this very promising, fast, affordable, non-subscription application! I have purchased Designer for Windows already. Now for Affinity Photo on Windows Beta (German): 1. Opened .RW2 file in Develop Persona 2. Applied chromatic aberration 3. Then use de-noise: when I move any of the sliders a message at the center of the photo window appears, telling me "chromatic aberration" and blocks the sliders. When this message goes away I can work the slider again. As soon as I move it again the message reappears. It seems as if chromatic aberration is called whenever a change to one of the sliders is applied. This same message appears again about 10 secs after initially moving any of the sliders. 4. Then I realised CPU load is very high for AFPhoto for over 20 seconds (Core i5-6500, 16GB RAM, SSD and HDD, system is fast and stable) 5. This is an issue which did not occur in Thank you. Daniel

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