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  1. First of, I said "almost regretting". Second, 50 bucks converted to my local currency is not cheap (at the time of my purchase specially). Third, as I said, I see the potential of the application and I do like how it works. The problem is that for what I want to do, it's not that useful. For instance, I tried to do a simple origami diagram with AD and the same one with Inkscape. The amount of time it took me to complete the job in AD was so big (in comparison to Inkscape - which by the way is free) that I just got really disappointed with AD. Ok, this may be the result of some years of experience with Inkscape compared to a few months with AD. But then again, I open AD everyday (on my spare time) just to try to learn more of it's tools and see if this will eventually become my origami diagramming tool. Unfortunately at the moment it isn't. Again, thanks everyone for trying to help.
  2. Thanks everyone for answering and trying to help! That's more or less what I have done until I gave up. Perhaps. I did try that but because I have to "mirror" a lot of small shapes through a single "document", that ends not being fun also. The post I originally mentioned explains my use case, which is to draw origami diagrams. Basically, when you have a "fold", the easiest way to get at least a partial result is to draw the shape and then mirror it along the folding axis. Dutchshader's screenshot showcases exactly the mirroring result that I'm looking for. Symbols can achieve that but would be another workaround. I'm not sure if it would be nice to clutter the symbols with those shapes. By the way, I already set some symbols used for workarounds (like the line patterns and the arrowheads).
  3. Hi Alfred, thanks for your reply. So, regarding 2. Well, from what I understood the list is created in a way that is meant to be small so what is in there is taken as priority. Regardless, if it's not, my mistake. Yet, having this feature (arrowheads) been promised for more than 3 years is a bit disappointing! And there is the fact that I see this request a lot in this forum. For 3, unfortunately I can't just do that. Rotating by 180 is not exactly mirroring. The result will be upside-down (when compared to what the mirroring should be). I did re-read what I wrote and I didn't describe correctly my steps for my first attempt. What I tried was first to flip the shape then rotate (but because there is no snapping while rotating I couldn't precisely position the shape again). If necessary I can post an image showcasing what I want and the result of a simple rotation. By the way, if my post did sound like I was angered then I'm sorry, that was not my intention. I'm just disappointed that this app, which looks and feels really great, is of no use to me. Again, thanks for you attention.
  4. So, back in May I installed the trial and commented in this forum that it lacked some features for my work. I got some interesting replies with some workarounds and then tried them. I ended purchasing and now I'm almost regretting that. Let me explain: 1 - Advanced line patterns (like dash dot dot). While I can easily do this with free vector graphics applications, I can't with AD. The work around is to create two lines, one with "dash-dot" pattern and another with "dot" pattern but having to tweak the spacing so when placing them one above the other would give me the desired pattern. Works but ridiculously not fun to work in this way! If I create an SVG file with a line using this kind of pattern, then trying to open in AD, it crashes. By the way, one extra suggestion here is to give one way to "save" some line pattern presets and allow us to select them through a drop down or something like that. Having to rewrite the values or to "copy-paste-resposition" another line is also not fun. 2 - Lack of arrowheads. Someone can say "It's already on the roadmap, meaning, priority". Yes, it has been there for over 3 years. Seriously? Yes, OK, the workaround is to draw the actual arrowheads ourselves and try to align correctly within the curves. I don't think this workaround is fun either. 3 - While still trying to use AD, I came across another problem. Often I have a line (let's call this an "axis") and a shape that must be mirrored about that axis (rather than just horizontal or vertical). So, my first try was to just rotate and hope that the shape would snap into the line/axis. Nope, there is no snapping while rotating. So, I searched to see if there was any method to mirror a shape in this way. I didn't find any method. My next step was then to think code a plugin/add-on. After some research I found out that AD does not have any plugin API (or is there? My research skills might be very bad). After a few months I was completely unable to work with AD to produce what I wanted. The result? Unfortunately I'm going back to Inkscape. Now, I could only hope for the necessary features to be added into AD but after seeing that one of those features was promised and even added to the priority list over 3 years ago and it's still not implemented... very, very frustrating! Thanks for your attention.
  5. Hi! Thank you everyone! When gdenby talked about importing SVG (which I didn't), I immediately started testing (specially the dash-dot-dot pattern). Once I dragged the SVG into AD, nice! I got the line with the pattern. However, it got there as an embedded document. I double clicked it thinking I would be able to edit the nodes and that resulted in a crash. So I tried directly opening the SVG file from the open menu/dialog and that also resulted in a crash. If it's of any interest I can upload said SVG file somewhere (or even paste the text in here - it's not that big). Really clever workaround although a bit.. err, clunky! I have thought about a workaround for the arrowheads: 1 - Create said arrowheads as objects 2 - Copy it and snap into the start or end of the line 3 - Rotate it Can work but also clunky! I have attached an image showing what I'm used to (when changing the line patterns). After adding the file here I realized I forgot to add some lines with arrowheads... Anyway, what I'm saying, a dropdown with a few preset patterns is way faster than changing 4 text boxes (Ok, maybe I'm just not used to this workflow...). Again, thanks everyone for all the answers!
  6. Hello, I have installed Affinity Designer trial with the main purpose of diagramming my origami work. The first impression I got was simple "WOW". The way I helps me correctly position everything is absolutely amazing! Then I went to experiment drawing a simple origami diagram and got into two problems: 1 - Creating two different line patterns (dash-dash or dash-dot-dot) was not very fun. Actually, the dash-dot-dot was only possible through the use of brushes, which was not ideal (no way to define the phase). Then, actually messing with the number to reach the ideal pattern (size and gap) was not fun! I really like how Inkscape does in this case (there is a dropdown menu with all the available patterns - and I can add to it). Is there any plan to change how to define the line styles/patterns? 2 - This is the problem that no workaround could solve properly: no arrowheads! OK, I have seen that it's on the roadmap but not knowing if this feature will actually be available within the next update makes me hold up (heck, the first forum posts I have seen about this date back to 2015). In regards to the arrowheads, I will mention again Inkscape as it allows me to define my own styles and provide me with dropdowns. That is a must as I do need different arrowhead styles. In short, in current state I unfortunately have no use for AD! Should at least the arrowheads be implemented I may be able to use it. By the way, whenever that happens will I be able to trial it again before buying? Many thanks in advance and I'm really looking forward for improvements!
  7. Hi, Currently I'm testing Affinity Photo Beta and... Well, you are not the only one wanting .tga export! :) Just to add some information. Unreal Engine does support .png however if there is any non opaque area in there, that section will become very distorted. I do believe it's a bug but I did track some posts from 2014 regarding this problem so I doubt we will see a fix for this anytime soon. Say, for example, you export a color map + roughness map (this last one using the alpha channel). The color map will be completely unusable. Searching the forums, they suggest to use .tga or .psd. I tried exporting to .psd and the result was terrible (everything completely blurred and the "transparent" areas were missing) Anyway, thanks for all the attention and for this amazing application! :)

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