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  1. In Affinity Photo, I'd like the same functionality as Photoshop's Layer>Layer Mask>From Transparency. It takes the transparency of an image and converts it to a layer mask. It's SUPER helpful when you need to extract either the transparency, or the underlying image as separate images.
  2. In Affinity Photo, if you hold alt+click and drag a layer, it should create a copy of the layer. In Photoshop it's a really quick way of creating copies of layers.
  3. I couldn't agree more. It's really slow to have to move the cursor up to the top bar every time you want to change the radius or hardness of brushes.
  4. In Affinity Photo, show document info such as resolution, dpi, bitdepth, etc. somewhere that can be seen at all times, no matter what tool you have active. Maybe the info could be shown in the bottom bar?
  5. In Affinity Photo, it would be nice to have numerical input for Curves control points, allowing more precise values.
  6. Yes, a 1x1px image takes about 1,5 seconds for me. Photoshop opens such an image in 0,4 seconds. A 10000x5000 32bit HDR image takes 9,4 seconds. Photoshop opens that image in 5,9 seconds. My machine is a 40 core CPU, 64GB RAM workstation, so performance shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Compared to photshop, Affinity Photo opens new images relatively slow (both when drag-and-dropping and when going through the menu). This happens even on images that are 1x1px, which should open instantly.
  8. Holding Ctrl+Scrolling back and forth one "notch" at a time makes zoom level to slightly decrease every time. Another thing i'd like to see is if Ctrl-Scrolling could snap to pixel-perfect resolutions. Now, it very often zooms to uneven numbers like 97%, making everything slightly blurry or other artifacts.
  9. Document info (top left when you have the pan tool selected) does not update when switching between documents.
  10. In Affinity Photo, Levels should have Clip black and Clip white sliders. It's very useful when you need the image in a certain range, especially when creating textures for 3D work.
  11. When working with textures for 3D work, we usually want to use so called "Power of two" resolutions, because they are more optimized. So I'd like a new category of presets: "Power of two", i.e. 128x128px, 512x512px, 4096x4096px etc. From 1x1px to 32768x32768px.
  12. When editing layer names, make tab go down a layer and shift+tab up a layer. It's a general keyboard shortcut that should be implemented since the tab key does nothing now.
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