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    Photography and video making including digital editing for both. DTP and simple web-site construction.

    High quality bespoke leather gear for the LARP and Adult sectors.

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    Import PagePlus

    A lot of PP users were asking about the ability to open/import their older records into this new software but the thread was closed and, as Affinity Photo will NOT import ".spp" files from the previous image editor, it's - sadly - highly likely that your PagePlus files will remain void. Just wish Serif would permit an acceptable compromise and permit re-saved older documents on ALL their new software to be re-edited in Affinity

    Affinity Video Editor?

    Given that it wasn't that long ago that the official word from Serif was that they had no intention of adding a Windows version to the Mac version of Affinity Photo and now here I am enjoying the beta version of that software I would be surprised if the above answer is set in stone? Certainly as a long time supporter/purchaser of Serif products I've had MoviePlus on my PC since the very first edition and, though I almost jumped ship in purchasing Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12, surprisingly I still return to MoviePlus X6 rather often to knock out efficient videos. I'm sure I'm far from alone in really wanting Serif to do an Affinity on MoviePlus . . I'm even going to hold off on taking advantage of the discounted prices for upgrading to Vegas from Magix . . just in case next year Serif change their mind.