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  1. What is missing badly in the Windows Version resizing dialog is that it is not possible to change the Pixel / Inch / Centimeter values without the resample box is ticked. So it is not possible to calculate the DPI vs Centimeter values instantly. Another problem is that the Pixel / Inch / Centimeter values don't follow promptly if DPI values are changed. You have to toggle the resample box twice first....
  2. Interesting workflow michael, but how do you calculate your output images? (cm/iches vs DPI)
  3. Hi MX1, the resizing function / resizing dialog is unfortunately treated as an orphan in Affinity Photo, in the meantime a "resizing community" of pro users is grown in this forum to address their/our unhappiness with the resizing dialog box, we hope our wish for a new and extended resizing function will be heard - I think that the success of Affinity Photo depends on good basic functions, and the resizing dialoge comes before anything else!
  4. +1 for your request Welcome Gilles to the Affinity Photo resize dialog community. I hope the developers will hear our wish. :unsure: Here are some previous threads to this topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33007-resize-document-usability-ap/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32409-new-resizing-dialog-scale-to-new-size-a-photo/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28362-ap-resize-document-function-is-too-basic-and-not-very-useful/
  5. Thanks v_kyr I will try Simplify. I think Macros are not really interesting for sketch or painting effects because if I want to modify such an effect I have to start a new action. And each picture is different....
  6. I am searching for a low cost or free Sketch plugin for Affinity Photo. Are there any recommendations?
  7. Yes I mean the white circle and also the brush preview - both don't appear after resizing the brush lager or smaller via the toolbar at the top. I found out that this behavior is the same in all other brushes. You have to click first. Workarround: first do a right click. This problem doesn't occur if you use the shortcuts AltGr+[ AltGr] Windows 7, and 10
  8. Paint Brush circle is not displayed after changing Brush width. It is shown only when I click with the new resized brush. Photo 1.5.1
  9. Too bad that the problems with resizing still consist. Maybe this DPI problem is only a meta-data problem but it's a really essential problem for pro-users. I hope that the whole resizing dialog will enhanced to a fully equipped tool soon. Up to now, unfortunately, resizing issues are paid too little attention.
  10. Hi Meb, in windows version - if I grab one tab the document now floats over the other document, hmm did I something wrong? Is there a function to arrange them exactly side by side?
  11. Ja die Betaphase war definitv zu kurz. Man wollte einfach das Programm noch vor Weihnachten rausboxen. Ich sehs trozdem eine Investition in die Zukunft und hoffe auf die kommenden Updates....
  12. please enhance the resizing dialog to this regular standard:
  13. Hi Peter1241, which version do you use? There is a new beta-version. In this Affinity Photo Customer Beta - and 47 the resize bugs should have been solved.
  14. Simply do this (Windows 10): Resize Document>Inches/Centimeters>Type a value in the first field >DPI 300> Lanczos 3 Non-Separable> click apply Since the first Beta I'm only posting to the resizing problems... Thanks Mark. But no serious user can work with such a resizing dialog. Resizing is often enough a very intiutive thing so we can't care about typing orders. Values also don't follow accordingly - sorry but definitely a no go. It's also not possible to see the centimeter-values if you change the DPI values and untick resample. That’s a huge problem for me as a designer. So I have to calculate in another application. Sorry Mark but practically every freeware has a better resizing dialog. Thanks for the announcement to care about this problems. I'm working with Affinity Designer. Hoping this for Affinity Photo too....
  15. Uhhh, just heard about the release of the final version. Can't believe that this buggy version can be a success. If the massive Bugs with the resizing function won't fixed, unfortunately a purchase makes no sense for me. :(
  16. Hi Michail, Currently the resize dialog is developed only as very basic function and I am afraid there is a long way to go for Afinity in this regard to satisfy semi-professional - not to mention at the moment - professional demands. I hope that the developers team is aware of the importance of the functionality of the resize dialog. At the moment we must do the resizing in another software (Gimp, Paint net, Irfan View, ............. ........................ .......................... .................................. ..............................). It's weird that such an essential function is not elaborated in software that would like follow in Photoshop's footsteps.
  17. Wow RC 2, Hmmm, I wish the beta phase would be a bit longer and the problems with the resizing functions would be solved. This is too essential to defer the solution to later versions.
  18. Thank you chris k but this is not a new bug, the bug exists since the first beta, just like the other unsolved problems with the resize dialog
  19. same here, document will be still distorted in RC
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