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  1. The layout on the card on the page is white, I need to change the color to grey before I do any work, see pic attached
  2. Affinity Publisher - How do I go about changing the color of the card before I start adding text, right now its white but I want dark grey,
  3. A batch job can resize images but I dont want to keep setting it up all the time, I would like to have say 30 images resized to a quality of 70 for example and keep these settings thats why I suggested a macro if there is a way to keep the quality at 70 for many batch jobs that would be great? It just keeps going back to 100 once the batch is complete though?
  4. If I have a number of photos that need to be smaller for posting or emailing how do I create a macro that uses the batch method to do this? I now how to record a macro and use the batch tool but cant seem to get them to work together? The only time the record button is active is if I open one of those photos?
  5. You are so correct, it was open in another pdf program buried under other windows! duh sorry about that!
  6. I created a 1 page document and then exported it once into a pdf, then found a grammar problem and then exported it again over top of the original pdf I exported and got this message. If I changed the name of the file it worked fine but not sure why I got this when I wanted to use the same file name?
  7. The minute I hit return it still thinks I am doing a hyperlink, I can check any box like No Style etc and it turns right back into a hyperlink. I think I will just redo the 4 page doc
  8. I think I tried that not sure but the results are the same it wants to lock me into another url line. However when i create a new doc I can create a url then hit enter and I can type text but on this doc for some reason it wont let me? Pic attached oops wont let me
  9. publisher still thinks I am in hyperlink mode how do I get out of this? I did try a new document and it works ok so is there a way to make this document work it is a pdf and I would not like to do it all over again
  10. Yes I did, I typed the text then went to text>interactive and created a link and that works. Then I hit return and go to the next line and it thinks I am still doing a url when I want to insert more text
  11. I can create a url no problem but then at the end of the line, I hit enter but it thinks I am continuing the url but i need to go back to regular text
  12. Created a text box with some text then did a url which highlighted the link blue then wanted to return to regular text after the url line but it still thinks I am am url mode and wnot let me start regular text again, I must be doing something wrong how can I return to regular text after the url? Driving me batty!
  13. Is there a way to create multiple membership cards on a sheet and then import an individual photo into each of those cards so I can print. I am in a trial right now and need to see if this can be done.
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