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  1. At the bottom of the toolbar on the left there is no >>
  2. I have it both installed on a desktop 24" monitor and on a 13" laptop. My issue is that not all of the toolbar is shown ie the Artistic Text Tool is missing then if I uncheck show toolbar it shows up but then removes all the other buttons on the top of the screen and for the life of me I cannot see where the selection is for inches. So overall it seems a lot of stuff does not show on this new Dell XPS-13 with updated video drivers too.
  3. I am back to the problem on how to add different border sizes to sides in a photo without expanding it. For example I want 1" on top and 2" on the bottom. This I know will reduce the size of the photo which is ok. I read above that the transform will do this for me? but it is greyed out for some reason?
  4. I guess the question remains should I be able to apply different borders sizes on a photo using the resize canvas option and the anchor point tool that it has. If so I am still baffled on how to do this?
  5. Old Bruce yes it was locked Ok I did get the transform box up so thats good so I will play around. The box shows in pixels how do I get it to show in inches? And why in the resize canvas option what are the other anchor points for I tried one on the side and it changes 3 sides?
  6. Ok getting closer here the transform box is still greyed out and the photo is selected as shown
  7. I see the transform studio tab but it is greyed out with my photo on the screen? Can someone show me how to use the anchor point for top, sides and bottom use? I can do a border all the way around using the center point but when I select the one above the center anchor point thinking this would add a border on the top it will not work?
  8. (Affinity Photo) Totally lost me on this resize by current size is where? and I dont have any layers and what is transform studio?
  9. I see how to make an even border all around my photo but how do I get an uneven border lets says I want 1" on top and 1.5" on the sides and 2" on the bottom, this anchor thing is confusing me. I need to be able to specify exactly in inches what I want on each side of the photo. Cheers Mark
  10. I would imagine at this point that Affinity Photo will not combine numerous images into a time lapse, can you confirm Thank You
  11. Just thought I could take my image directly into Qimage for printing. Oh well...Thx
  12. Once my project is complete I would like to take it into another program, I use Qimage for all my printing so there must be a way to send it there?
  13. I have an issue where I export a project that has 6 layers and I export it as a psd thinking I could go back and edit my work like Photoshop. The image opens up but I cannot edit it what am I doing wrong here? Also is what is the afphoto file name extension for?
  14. Still nothing from support on this problem! I have 3 photos with a person at different parts of a small bridge and tried stacking but never does it clear the person? I use the Median setting as the vimeo video does. This is a pretty simple scene so I would expect the stacking to work, unless of course I did this all wrong? Unfortunately I cannot attach the 3 files as I get a Upload Skipped (Error500) message using the basic uploader or advanced? Cheers Mark Wow still have not heard back despite putting 3 images in your dropbox?

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