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  1. So, this happened to me in RC2 or RC3, saved file with history if you're interested.
  2. Can you check one more thing please. In each AP version, select the brush and go to more -> dynamics and take a screenshot how it's set?
  3. Ok, reststed it, now I see what happens. Thanks.
  4. Interesting, but I don't use mouse, this happens with tablet.
  5. Hi, I noticed that sometimes, for no apparent reason my ctrl+alt+drag controls switch from size/hardness to spacing/roundness. Any idea why might that be? To reset that I usually need to do some tools switching and such.
  6. Using Wacom Intuos P S tablet OR Mouse 1. Open/create a new image 2. Go to liquefy persona 3. Pick any tool 4. Try resizing the brush with ctrl+alt+drag input 5. Notice that this will leave an entry in history.
  7. I had the same experience with crashes, just adding a group with two levels layers cases a crash.
  8. Unfortunately, latest beta is super unstable for me, so much so, that I had to rollback to the previous one. Like, I create two level layers in a group, and it crashes when I try to expand the group. Or when I was trying to move a layer inside a rectangle. Given that I can't even test other functionalities, but I also noticed that when exporting timelapse, the quality (bitrate) is super low (crearting a lot of artifacts) and HVEC failed completely to export, just left and empty file. But I like that idea is general, I think I'll start saving files with history just for that.
  9. Unfortunately I can't find any specific scenario for this, usually this concerns new layers, with stuff being painted over them (regular, inpainting) with some undo thrown in. The only thing I'm most certain is that undo can cause this behavior.
  10. @Gabe As for 5949, see how inpainting/undo removes the first step of inpainting here. (check the yellow leaf on the lower half) 2021-01-06_14-27-20.mkv
  11. Here's the thing, I didn't move all the way back to have all the work gone, If you looked at my videos eralier, there was one undo step making everything gone. Also, look how image 2812 history behaves, there is nothing drawn there only some leftovers of a brush stroke, this whole layer should be coverd by lines. 2021-01-06_13-17-45.mkv @Gabe I had to reedit the post, hope you won't mind.
  12. Uploaded, hopefully the right files. History should be saved in them and I tried to save as soon as possible after I discovered/noticed the error.
  13. @Chris B: maybe you can send me a link for uploading?
  14. This looks exactly like the Error I had some time ago, but it seemed to be fixed for me. Did you find a repeatable scenario to reproduce this? I just had this happen randomly, but it was long gone since I last had this issue. Also, try the methods described here to fix this file, maybe they will work:
  15. @Gabe I have a file with history save this time. Need a new upload link thou.
  16. Is it possible to embed history into a afphoto file?
  17. I'm asking about the one I use in the file/layer, wanted to make sure they will work once I change the directory structure for example.
  18. Hi, I have two files I 'save as' after this issue happened and I think i did two saves one after some undo the other right after I spot the error. They are 1,2GB each, can you send me an upload link?
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