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  1. The scenario was a bit different, I first floated two windows, resized them and then combined. That' why I'm asking for a workaround for that part. I understand the part with window resizing all the time, but not where it moves the images inside respective tabs
  2. I use ctrl+0 to center these at the beginning of video. I was asking for floating window size, so that when I switch tabs, the window will have the same size. (you can see that in the video, that each tab has different size)
  3. Hi, 1. Create a square image 2. add a guide in the center (use snapping for example) 3. Document -> Resize canvas 4. Ensure your'e resizing around center 5. Notice that guides don't stay in the center anymore.
  4. BTW, is there a way to make both tabs in a floating window have the same window size?
  5. Note, the direction changes sometimes and then states changed. Also of not, sometimes I'm able to see this happen when switching between floating and docked tabs too, but I'm yet to fine the casue of that.
  6. RC2, windows 7. I made a vide to show what I mean, basically when switching between floating tabs images don't stay in place. test (01).mp4
  7. 1. Select Healing Brush tool (or similar) 2. Use keyboard to increase then decrease then increase scaling 3. Notice, at first, id does +/-5 on up/down 4. At some point it will sometimes work non-lineraly (100->105->110->...->90->94->99)
  8. Afaik, this is a known issue. We just have to wait for a stable beta now :)
  9. I think that the save dialog should be modal as well. (so that would be two issues)
  10. Hi, 1. Add an adjustment layer and open it's properties 2. Go to export persona, notice it does not close (might be by design). 3. Start exporting, 'save file' dialog opens. 4. You can close the properties windows (save dialog is not modal).
  11. You had "Protect Alpha" turned on. Not sure hwo these are supposed to interact, but it prevents paining on mask.
  12. Are these pixel layers on the top? If so, remember that adjustments work only on pixel layers inside a group if they are grouped together.
  13. Thank, to think of it, it kinda makes sense, but kinda doesn't. Also, when changing gradint colours it changes gradient type back to linear, not cool, if you ask me.
  14. Hi, It would be nice to be able to store the loaded LUT file inside .afphoto file. Thanks
  15. 1. Have multiple tabs (files) open 2. Try to drag something from outside of application (ie, image file) into another tab 3. Notice that the tab does not switch to the hoovered tab (as usual for most apps) and if 'release' on such a tab, it opens a new file.
  16. Ah, I see now. This works quite fine for my needs, for some it's even better (I'm not using this tool often, so just minor readjustment for me). Still, the part where I can't select a stored gradient is a really bad option right now.
  17. Ye, we are talking about Beta so such bold statements are a bit off.
  18. 1. Create a new (pixel) layer 2. Use gradient tool 3. With gradient tool still active, go to color selector on the top bar. 4. Notice you can select solid colors, you can change collections, but you can't choose any gradient. 5. You cannot edit the gradient themselves too, you can only choose the solid colour
  19. Ye, itsesm more logical to have them disappear, or disappear as an option if you quit info panel.
  20. 1. Create an image 2. Go to export persona 3. Export image to a full disk 4. File is empty (mine hdd had 24k free to be precise), but no error is given.
  21. I will try to make some more formal measurements to show what I mean.
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