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  1. SqueakyPics

    Shooting lines.

    Thanks Mark. Affinity is shaping up very nicely indeed - The CMYK native colour mode is especially something I am lusting after as it has been a real pain not having that in Xara for print work. I very much look forward to your next update.:-)
  2. SqueakyPics

    Shooting lines.

    Forgot to mention that that error happens when using the stylus to draw with.
  3. SqueakyPics

    Shooting lines.

    Testing Affinity Designer on my surface pro 3 I occasionally get straight lines shooting off the canvas. They seem to converge to the same spot off canvas. I'm guessing it has something to do with touch. This was with the demo version which has expired so I can't test further. I thought you would like to know. I guess I will try again after an update.
  4. SqueakyPics

    Wobbly lines (AD -

    I have this problem and it is why I decided not to buy. Both apps seem brilliant apart from the free hand drawing tools (The issue is evident on drawing tablets and mouse, Vector and bitmap) For me that is a HUGE issue. I'm really hoping this can be sorted in future versions.
  5. Hi I'm using a Huion GT220 tablet monitor on a windows 10 machine. Drawing freehand with any of the bitmap tools produces a jittery line. Actually that is the same with affinity Designer. There is also a slight delay when starting to draw before the line is drawn and then catches up with the cursor. This issue occurs even when using a mouse. Maybe a feature request for some kind of adjustable smoothing? Huge Regards Dave