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  1. We use Designer for labels for our winery. The problem is that any label is a combination of layers from multiple layer hierarchies: Winetype:Name:Year:Subalternative Container:3L/750 Common Objects The "common objects" is easy ... those are shared among all the wines so they are always on. The container is the problem. For each wine there are two labels, one for 750ml bottles and one for 3L bag-in-box. I now have to turn on and off layers in both hierarchies when printing theme. For a few wines it gets worse because the name of the wine has the be kerned differently depending on the container type (thus I have to drill down into the wine and switch between two different objects depending on the container). What I'd love to do is to have saved export versions where I have gone in and turned on/off the appropriate layers. When I'm in the export persona I can select the correct "project" and not have to fiddle with the layers. I understand that this may be a fringe use of Designer but there must be some others who also have common objects that are shared among some, but not all, "pages" managed within a single AffDes document.
  2. I've been trying to "fix" a picture I took last fall. If you open up the .aphoto file you can play with it yourself. My basic problem is that the sky and the moon came out too light and undersaturated in the original photo and now I'd like suggestions for how to fix that. I'm embedding a (down sampled) jpg of my work to date below:
  3. I have this B/W (greyscale) image that I would like to blend on different backgrounds, i.e. I want the grey's converted to levels of transparency. I have no experience from other software either, so any PS reference won't help me :-) Thanks, Fredrik
  4. Guess I should have stuck to my specific problem and not try to make it more general. My problem is with text frames and you cannot edit the text in a locked frame.
  5. I'd like to be able to modify the content (text, colors, gradients, effects etc) without risk of moving an object. Having a way of locking the position of an object (or, at least the anchor node) would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a similar need but a different use case. I'm using AffDes for wine labels. There are some objects that are shared by all labels ... easy. However, there are other objects that are shared by some, but not all (or rather, there are a few different versions, one of which is present on each label). Currently I have a common layer, a couple lf "alternatives" layers and then one layer per specific label. This allows me to not have to duplicate the alternatives content in each label (and therefore allow me to ensure that any change is carried over to all of them). What it does force me to do is to go through and check multiple layers and objects when I want to display a specific layer. What I'd like to see is a separate list of "pages" that each is predefines to turn on/off certain layers and objects. That way I can quickly and easily switch between the labels (pages).
  7. In terms of aligning textblocks when designing labels (which is my use for AffDes), being able to align the text to the bottom or center of the Text Frame instead of the only the top is critical. Now I have to do it visually ... sorry, that is 20th Century! I'm happy to hear it will come with AP, but would love to have it pushed out earlier if possible (tomorrow would not be too soon :-).
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