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  1. I came to this thread looking for a way to share text styles from Designer to Publisher. In Publisher, I couldn't just open the styles from a Designer text style sheet. The solution for me was to open the Designer file into Publisher and then save the document from Publisher. Then I could import the text styles from the Publisher document into my working publisher document using Text>Text Styles>Import Text Styles.
  2. When opening a pdf or svg from an external application, such as Illustrator or QGIS, text on a curve gets broken into separate objects. It would be ideal for the text path to be recreated and have editable text along the path. Attached is an example of what I'm referring to. I'm a cartographer. My primary tools for the last 25 years have been a combination of Illustrator plus a plug-in suite called MAPublisher. I've been very interested in using the Affinity suite of programs in combination with QGIS. To use Affinity Designer, type on a curved path that is imported from other programs is essential.
  3. When there are selection tools, I'd like to suggest that my students use Affinity Designer.
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