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  1. that appears to be correct....mine is all the time
  2. Tried everything possible in the pen settings and registry. No success Found these parameters for UI pen support https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/winmsg/pen-visualization Just wondering if any of these visualizations methods can be tweaked to fix the problem. Seems doubtful as the issue also exists in windows default paint3d, so likely a windows issue as Gabriel indicated earlier.
  3. Never comes back for me....as soon as the pen is in range the brush preview disappears. I will investigate on the cursor part, as it does indeed go away by default. Interesting it works on zbrush however....must have a different pen system
  4. I recently purchased a 2 in 1 for portability so i dont need to take a wacom tablet every where I go. The laptop has a good pressure sensitive wacom pen and nice painting features, but there is 1 major disappointment. The brush size preview circle disappears as soon as i touch the pen to the tablet screen. It is visible as soon as I grab the mouse, but immediately on pen contact disappears in affinity products. This may seem trivial, but this can be a major workflow deal breaker especially when using the selection brush. A normal wacom tablet doesnt seem to have this problem.....just the tablets that use a pen on the actual screen. This is not the case in zbrush, where the brush size circle is available all the time whether using mouse or pen. Is there anyway to turn this feature on or off? Thanks
  5. Text on path is applied mirrored for flipped curves. Create curves stroke....flip it horizontally. Apply text on path. The results will be mirrored as if you applied text on path before flipping. Copying path inherits the problem. The only way to fix is to remake the path in the current orientation.
  6. No, copying the stroke still has the problem....the only solution is remaking the stroke in the current position. Disregard the dog, I had already fixed the issue by remaking the stroke in the current position......this is more of a bug. Try making any kinda curved stroke, flip it horizontally and apply text on path.....it will always be mirrored. It is as if you applied text on path before you flipped it. Affinity should respect the new orientation of the path....but it always looks at creation orientation. Saving and reopening doesn’t help....the only thing that works is remaking the path by hand, as copy pasting it seems to inherit the problem. These types of issues come up in 3D programs...maya for instance has ‘freeze transforms’ which will take an objects position in world space, and bake it into local space....that’s exactly what designer needs in this case.
  7. Been pulling my hair out with text on a path.... Made a little dog....after creation he had to be flipped horizontally to accommodate a logo design. Now no matter what I do....the text on path following a curve on the dog is mirrored. Not upside down....but letters backward. Its almost as if designer does not recognize the new position/orientation of the flipped path.... If I flip the dog back...then apply text on path, it works fine until I again have to flip it. Is there any way to bake the current position of the curve....in maya it would be "freeze transforms" as it seems designer only looks at the original orientation of the curve when it was created. Thanks
  8. Hmm... I'll check that out...thanks for the reply
  9. A little strange topic....but there is goes I am doing some ecommerce....and on the site receive shipping labels from an API that are 8.5x11 Half the page is merely instructions....so i created a few macros that will crop the image, resize it and assign it to a quadrant in a 4 label layout for printing. No problems there. I am making this as easy as possible for my wife (and myself) as she is not as computer savvy as me..... I was wondering if there is a way to open images via the macro (or even batch) and then execute the cropping resizing and moving in 1 click. Ideally you would run a script that would bring up a browser for multiple images and it would be done in 1 click. I couldn't work out how to incorporate the opening of the multiple images into a macro....is this possible, or am I restricted to opening each image and running the macro separately. Thanks
  10. thanks for those resources....appreciate the effort I didnt take resolution into account at all during the initial design...and on export noticed how much detail was lost...so i redesigned accordingly. I am shooting for good quality at the 2x resolution (120x120) as 1x seems only on iphone 3 and lower and 2 gen ipad and lower....
  11. Thanks for the reply.... I was more thinking of an in-document rasterization....for instance have a live vector icon, but embedded and rasterized to 12x120 so as when zoomed in 100% I could judge the details at that pixel size, rather than have the infinite resolution of the vectors. Then make live adjustments to the vector shape to suit. Not really sure if that is possible...but there is a lot about Designer I don't know. Right now I am exporting through slices and re-importing to another document.
  12. mdharrington

    Thumbnails blank

    save and restart refreshes.....so not a showstopper
  13. I think I have this sorted....I just wanted a sanity check To view a pixel-pixel check of a IOS icon for an iphone 6 for instance...the icon should be 120x120 viewed over a 750 x 1334 background....does that sound right? Also is there a way to non-destructively rasterize to this size in document for preview? Or is it a matter of just export import every time? Thanks
  14. mdharrington

    Thumbnails blank

    Thumbnails appear blank and do not update. Seen several times....usually as a result of copy paste from same or other document.

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