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  1. michiel

    Batch Job rename

    +1 for me as well.
  2. michiel

    bleed is not as expected in the pdf

    Hi Chris, Aargh, I never looked at that... makes perfect sense! Thanks for your quick response, helps me a lot! Loving both AP and AD, you guys made some fantastic software! Best, Michiel
  3. Dear Affinity users and developers, I'm sure that i am doing something wrong exporting AP and/or AD file to print ready pdf file, just can't find out what it is exactly. Somebody an idea? I start creating a background image in AP which i use in AD as the background of a composition. The image is multi layered, the artwork in the layers is bigger than de mage format which is set in AP and has a buildup with transparencies. i am almost sure that the problem is related to the transparencies. Then i place the AP file in AD (for this example i just opened the file in AD, but i had the same before when i started from a fresh AD file and placed AP files into it) when the AD file is ready i export the file to a press ready pdf with the bleed set to 3mm. The bleed is respected but it look not for every layer in the placed AP file (see attached pdf file) Is there an easy way to work around this, am i doing something wrong? the only way that i've found is to flatten the placed AP in the AD file then it seems to export correctly. But it would be nice to have the layered AP file instead of a flat image. Thanks you for ideas and or remarks. Best, Michiel test_AP.afphoto test_AP.pdf

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