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    Guide Layout

    The one thing that stops Affinity Designer from being the perfect tool for UI design for me is the lack of an ability to set up a guide layout. There is almost this functionality in the grid set up options, just without the ability to make grid tiles the full height of the artboard and add a default margin on the left/right/top/bottom independent of the gutter. The ability to save a guide layout preset in the Guide Manager and load it up in future documents has been mentioned previously, and this is potentially another great way to solve the problem, so +1 to that idea too. My issue is just that when setting up a new document I need to be able to quickly set up the bootstrap grid as guides before I start. My current workaround is to set up the guides in a document and use that as a template for any web UI work I need to do. Please consider adding a Guide Layout feature and/or Custom Guide Presets (honestly the Guides Manager is currently brilliant, it just needs extending). I'm so very close to being able to replace PS/AI with AF. Cheers
  2. Skyesofrock

    Guide Layout

    Just what I wanted to hear ;) Cheers for your replies on the topic Ben!
  3. Skyesofrock

    Guide Layout

    This is exactly the sort of functionality I'm after. Great reference!
  4. Skyesofrock

    Grade UI Kit

    The option to download the Grade UI kit should be presented in the welcome screen by default to all users of 1.5. Can you confirm it doesn't appear after waiting for the welcome content to download from the internet?
  5. Skyesofrock

    Guide Layout

    (please add this in 1.6)
  6. Skyesofrock

    Sip App palette in AD

    I think that might be something to ask the developers of Sip, not Serif. Granted, that would be awesome though.
  7. It's got my vote, that'd be a great way to solve the problem. Being able to generally trace an image and then fine-tune it manually in a separate workspace would be perfect. You're right about the quality of the job as well.. Wish clients would see it that way from the outset.
  8. While I generally agree, I've noticed clients will sometimes make it unavoidable at a conceptual stage. Trying to create a website concept for a smaller client with no official resources happens more often I'd like, and ripping images from a client's current site site can oftentimes be worse for the end result (low-res, high compression etc.).
  9. You might well be right, Illustrator's attempt at tracing a logo today was very mixed and none of the presets matched the real thing without heavy modification. And Vector Tracing in general is a very situational tool. I find myself using it extremely infrequently, but it's useful to have. Considering that AD is poised to knock Illustrator out of the top spot as a professional designer's weapon of choice, it's one of those features that could do with being implemented.
  10. Skyesofrock

    Guide Layout

    That's brilliant news, I've been waiting for this feature for a while (used Mac AD since beta). Is there any chance of an ETA?
  11. Definitely could use this feature. Clients with low-res logos are one of the biggest reasons this feature makes Illustrator so useful. It'd be one more nail in the coffin for Illustrator if Affinity picks it up ;)
  12. Skyesofrock

    Glyphs please

    Just adding my voice by saying this feature would save me tons of time for UI work. Thanks for considering!