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  1. Hi Thanks for your help, attached are both files. I have downloaded and installed the new Beta version 1.5.5 and seems to be working with the files, but it's a weird thing. Good luck! I hope it can be fixed, or else let me know what I'm doing wrong, please. Best V routines 2_285689912.pdf shutterstock x9.afdesign
  2. It happened again without the coping and pasting. Just opened the file (native) and tried to move an element... help please!
  3. Hi there, First, many thanks for all the hard work, the software is great... most of the time :) Problem: Copied and pasted an illustration from a PDF (opened in AD) and crashed almost immediately, for the second time. I've been having this problem with the previous version of Designer too. It did stop with the Beta 4 version but started again with the latest version, 1.5.4. Thanks in advance for your help. Attached is the crash report in case it helps. Affinity Designer 1.5.4 - Crash problem.rtf
  4. Somewhere in the forum, I think, a freebie, but it also happens with the Basic brushes... see image https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9UgnbilcbK6X203U2NmQk9YVlU/view?usp=sharing
  5. I kept looking in the forum and found a link to a 1.5.2 Beta version, just trying now, but it seems to have resolved the crashes! :)
  6. How do I upload the file? The image icon in the wysiwyg doesn't let me upload an image? Here is a link to it... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9UgnbilcbK6bE9fLXIyTlBjdWc/view?usp=sharing
  7. Yes, that's a great feature, unfortunately you can't set up the font face. See, I mainly used that feature to check symbols and extras in fonts and icon fonts. I use the Font book now, but is not the same as having it built in the application. I suppose it is not a priority though, but it would be nice ;)
  8. Nope, didn't work, sorry. Not sure what to try, I would like to know if it works for other people, running the same system?
  9. Just thinking, would it have anything to do with that small drop down with the options: None; Pressure; Velocity; Velocity (Inverse)?
  10. Hi Lee, I kept looking in the forum and found a link to a 1.5.2 Beta version, just trying now, but it seems to have resolved the crashes! :) About the brushes, actually I tried with both... Thanks
  11. Hi there, I'm having that very issue since last week! I had Designer since June and it was a delight but now the app is not working very well at all. It crashes constantly just trying to move an object and when it doesn't it is so slow that I can't really work. Do you know what might have triggered this? I have reinstalled the program and tried with various different files previously created with Designer. I am running the latest version on a OX El Capitan 10.11.6, the machine is a Mac Pro from early 2008. Many thanks
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