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  1. I have created multiple master pages which I have applied to several pages in my publication. These master pages are setup as Facing Pages. I have filled these pages with content, now I want to add additional pages to the publication. When I have the new pages it seems to mess up the layout. When I try and correct the layout by applying the master page, it seems to delete the content but I have already created. Is it possible to apply a master page layout but retain the content already on page?
  2. I’m having the same problem...if I Open a file from cloud storage (iCloud) Change the file on my iPad and save it, I can open the file on my Mac and it shows the changes. If I then make some changes on the Mac and save it the changes are not reflected on the iPad even if I open the file from files, to continue working on it on the iPad I need to delete it and then reopen it. I am running affinity on an iPad Pro (2018) and it is version 1.7.
  3. Hi MEB, Thank you for reply, I feel really sill now, they just work for me now didn't even try ^(ctrl) , but I will remember this little trick. All the best, Sparky
  4. I am also having the same problem with all .ai file, even ones I have opened in the past. I can open them in preview and Graphic. I have attached an example. Many thanks, Thank_You_Cards.ai
  5. Thank you all who replied, I have now successfully downloaded the Grade UI Kit. I've also ordered the new book! :-)
  6. I have purchased Affinity Designer, and upgraded to 1.5, can I still get the Grade UI Kit, or do I need to pay for it? Thanks John
  7. Hi MEB, Thanks for your welcome reply...speedy (like the Affinity Apps) :P Is there a published roadmap for the Affinity Apps? or do we have to wait for the surprise?
  8. Hi to All, I've just abandoned Adobe CC (the cost has just become prohibitive) i have been using Adobe for over 10 years. A BIG thank you to Serif for releasing this amazing, the tutorials are an excellent introduction to us Illustrator converts. Proper full screen support, links to iCloud Drive...love it, just need something for my iPad :) The biggest thing I'm going to miss is some of the fonts I have been using, and Dreamweaver.
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