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  1. “Default Save Location” setting is clunky. Better would be for home screen to have two tabs (“iCloud” and “On My iPad”) and function as a simple file navigation system like Mac’s Finder. Changes made to an iCloud file via iPad should automatically save to iCloud and be openable via Mac and vice versa. ArtStudio Pro, for example, does this well. I’m often going back and forth from iPad to Mac to make changes, so this would be extremely helpful, thanks!
  2. Hubitron2000

    Hex code color support in iPad

    +1! Also, switching between RGB, HSL, LAB, etc., is clunky and unnecessary. ArtStudio Pro does it best, I think (see attached image): Color Picker/Editor is just one big palette, with separators for RGB, HSL, LAB, with sliders and keypad entry that adjust all values together. Hex at bottom for easy entry. Beautifully simple. And there's plenty of room in AD's UI for this. Thanks for considering!