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  1. 1 hour ago, benwiggy said:

    See my comment above: I've already tested with Wifi off, and it's no different. 

    Apple has promised to include an opt-out of the OCSP server in the future. 

    I can confirm that turning off WiFi makes no difference also one app was purchased through the Apple App Store and the other two Apps were purchased direct from Affinity. All three take some time to initially load. Running Big sur 11.1


    8 minutes ago, benwiggy said:

    When I launch any of the Affinity apps, they bounce in the Dock about 30 times -- about 20 seconds or so --  before I get the splashscreen. The app launches quickly after this point. 

    Subsequent launches are faster. I'm not sure whether it's just the first time after every boot or after ... some time has passed.

    Anyone else had this?


    I'm on Big Sur, if that's a factor. I'm on a 2018 Mac Mini, so it's not a slow hard drive ....!

    I have a new 27 inch Intel iMac running Big Sur and I noticed that Affinity Apps were opening much faster that was until the Apps were updated for the new Apple M1 chip, they seem to be slow again in opening but work fine once up and running

  3. I believe they use Amazon as their distribution partners, so I guess it will be the same in NL. 

    7 minutes ago, JJES said:

    Mine hasn’t arrived either but in my order history it says ‘successfully completed’. 
    Should I panic? I’m aware of the delays that postal companies have these days, especially PostNL. What service is Affinity using for delivery in NL?

    Mine also said successfully completed in my order history. It arrived yesterday 19th Dec, hopefully you will get your before Christmas 

  4. Thanks for your reply

    I actually managed to get my Canon printer to work.

    So if anyone else is having issues this is the choice I made:

    Exported from Publisher as PDF doc using all Spreads

    Selected Print >These are the choices I made:

    ticked two sided


    ticked auto rotate

    orientation Portrait

    Selected Scale to fit

    Selected Fill entire Page

    Copies per page set as 1

    Then I selected Select Layout

    Page per sheet 1

    Layout first on left; top to bottom

    Border none

    Two Sided selected short edge binding

  5. So I went out this morning to see if could reproduce the magenta in highlights. Most of the images were OK apart from these two 707 was in RAW and 706 in mRAW 706 shows magenta highlights in the clouds but 707 in RAW was OK. So I guess the answer is to only shoot RAW, until AP fix something.

    Thanks to all for their replies, appreciated .

    7H1A1706.CR2 7H1A1707.CR2

  6. 7 hours ago, Jowday said:

    Thanks for your reply, it's difficult to know when to use the filters as it does not always happen, depends on the light even on the same day. So maybe I will try the filters but for now I will shoot RAW and not mRAW and see if that makes a difference. Strange that Canon software resolves the issue, guess they are aware of it. So it appears that there is nothing I can change in AP preferences or set up to improve the issue. I will test shooting in RAW and mRAW on the same day and see the results. Will report back. Image attached after using Canon Software


  7. 7 hours ago, kirkt said:

    Magenta highlights In clipped areas occur when the green channel clips (red+blue = magenta) and the raw converter assumes an incorrect sensor saturation value. This is a problem on the raw converter side. Try changing the raw converter used, in the Develop Assistant. 


    Thanks Kirk, tried your suggestion and changed from Serif Labs to Apple (core raw image) the result was more blown out areas now in red when I reduced the highlights it removed the larger red areas and left behind the magenta/pink areas as my image showed. But thanks for the suggestion.

  8. 12 minutes ago, Old Bruce said:

    I tried using the Desaturation brush on the Magenta colour in the clouds and those areas do look like they are blown out highlights so it may well be that the mRAW setting is dealing poorly with overexposure when it is resampled.

    Yes I think you are right I have changed to RAW and will see how it works out. But the fact that Canon software 'fixes' the issue maybe its something for Affinity Photo to look into in the future. Will post back again once I have checked it out with mRAW and RAW. Thanks for the help and guidance much appreciated. Just imported the offending RAW image into Apple Photo for editing and although I can still see the magenta areas they are very faint and smaller.

  9. 51 minutes ago, smadell said:

    OK, I have a question. I wanted to know why my copy of DxO PhotoLab wouldn't open your image. Their website says that the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is supported, but that there is no support for mRaw and sRaw file types. Both of these file types have a diminished pixel count and/or resolution. Could that be the problem?

    Perhaps you can change the settings on your camera to straight Raw instead of mRaw or sRaw and see if the problem resolves itself?

    Thank you,  yes i have had it mRAW, mainly to save file sizes. I will change back to RAW and see if that makes a difference. Can you think of any other settings in camera that might need to changed. The canon software does not show the issue, so there presumably is a software fix. Hopefully, using RAW will resolve the issue as I prefer Affinity Photo.

  10. 1 hour ago, Old Bruce said:

    I just downloaded your file and there is something wrong with it. What I see is a magenta colour on what could be blown highlights. They are not blown out though, when I turn off the highlights warning nothing changes. When I lower the exposure or highlights nothing changes. 

    I am unfamiliar with the Canon 7D mk2 could there be a setting or settings for the camera which is causing the highlights to get corrupted? Have you checked for a firmware update for the camera?


    EDIT: I should add that I am on OS 10.14.6 so it is not a Catalina problem.

    Thanks, yes firmware is up to date. I also tried adjusting the exposure and highlights which have no effect. So, I am thinking it might be camera settings. Appreciate your input.

  11. 1 hour ago, DWright said:

    I have tested a RAW sample file for your camera and it is opening correctly for me, which MacOS are you running and is it possible for you to send me a copy of your RAW file to test.


    Thank you for the reply, it does not always happen. MacOS is Catalina 10.15.6 Jpeg images opened directly from the camera are OK. Not all RAW files have the issue, but enough to be an issue. Thanks, attached image 


  12. Hi

    I have an issue with some landscape RAW images. I use a Canon 7D Mk2 with canon lens. If I import RAW image into Affinity Photo on my iMac the sky sometimes has blown out area that are pink in colour, as below example.

    If I use Canon software this does not appear. Do I need to set something up in preferences affinity photo to avoid this issue. Thanks for any suggestions.



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