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  1. I just used the replace colour function in the BETA version - I love it. It literally made my day and saved me loads of time.
  2. Thank you that is very helpful, glad you explained that I can have both versions. I shall experiment and see what happens.
  3. Ah ok, I wasn't looking to add further programs such as Photo - was hoping to do it all in Designer. It's already confusing me that I can use pixel persona - though it has proven helpful already. I'll look at the Beta and see if I get on with it. Is it very dangerous to do important work in a Beta version? Never used any Beta programs.
  4. Hi, is there an option to replace one colour with another in all objects in a document in the Designer program? I used to use Illustrator and I am struggling with some of the functionality I used to use constantly being missing from this program. I need to make multiple colour ways quite often so struggling a bit now. I am trying to stick it out a bit longer to see if I can make this work for me but if I have to do tedious jobs like recolouring all things that are red by individually clicking I might have to swap back. Many thanks
  5. looks amazing, saw your button and zip pack, are you still willing to share your awesome resources? I am moving from Illustrator to this software, a bit upset that I am loosing all my stitches and other bits I have gathered and created over the years. Transition is never nice - steep learning curve.
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