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    PDF export is super slow

    Hi, I have a real slow PDF export as well. I'm exporting now a PDF (flatten) of 60 pages, mostly text, a few vector graphics and 13 images. The export takes about 5-10 min.2nd PDF I'm exporting is a 7-page document with one image, which takes about 15-20 seconds. I have a maxed out 2018 Macbook Pro. I know this export time it's manageable, but it feels with those specs and brand new software, it should export faster than that. I also feel that Designer exported a lot faster when I used that before Publisher for print material. (I tried to attach the documents, but they are stuck at 'Queued' for quite a while now, I can try again later.)
  2. Hi, So I have the new update which I noticed yesterday (1.7.0), and I see a lot of new features, but somehow the bleed option disappeared in Export Persona, and even my preset I made which includes the bleed doesn't include the bleed in the file. Thanks Steven
  3. Hi, So I have this issue with my erasing while holding Shift. It often draws a line from (I think) a previous point where I erased, not from the last point where it should start erasing from. Especially when I start holding shift. Once I'm going and keep shift pressed it, then it does work normally, but when I let go of Shift and start again, the same issue reoccurs. The included screen capture will clarify this. Thanks for any help! (sorry, I can't seem to completely delete the first uploaded video) delete.mov
  4. Hi there! So I did try to install the Beta version and now it does work with Parallel Processing. Perfect, another issue fixed! I can't wait for the day that Affinity will become the industry Standard
  5. Hey Walt, thanks! That worked! I didn't even notice the Parallel Processing checkbox.
  6. Hi, My issue is a little different, I'm not able to batch process more than 12 photos at a time. When I try to do more photos it just keeps loading, saying it's applying macros, but they never finish applying. Any ideas? (I'm using a maxed out 2018 MBP)
  7. stevenbauwens

    Golden Ratio Template

    Awesome, thanks!
  8. stevenbauwens

    remove eps white background

    Hi, I have the same issue and a very annoying one. I messed up an order I made, because unknowingly it created a white square which messed up the design. The issue happened as following: I have an .eps file with a text image (vector made in affinity) then I used that vector and placed it in another file, which I exported as .eps as well. I tried many many different export options with .eps. Note: I do want to keep .eps, though, because most print shops really prefer vector images over a .png file, so .png is just not a professional option IMO. Also, I did turn on 'transparent background on the image and the embedded image. Here's a screenshot of opening the final .eps file in designer. So I'm pretty sure this a bug? How to debug it? Now the only option I have is to select my vectors, past them in illustrator and export it from there with no problem, but I'd like to not have to open Illustrator though. Here's a link to the actual file. Any help available?

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