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  1. Hi, I cannot open the Batch processing window (Affinity crashes when i click "File->Batch"), plus my previously used batch jobs are no longer in the library. I really depend on these batch jobs, how can i get them back? Thanks. Affinity Photo 173 on macOS 10.14.6
  2. No, they are higher resolutions. Should not matter, should it? Other DTP-software handles that fine.
  3. Hi, i have a 200 page document with 1-2 images per page (each image around 2mb). PDF Export takes more than 30 minutes to finish. Cancelling the export takes up to a minute, also. Really enjoy using Publisher, hope this is solved soon.
  4. I like the new direction, the old icons had a distinct look, but they were super busy and looked a bit dated (those 90s 45° corners…). New ones look much more "professional" and yes, a bit boring. Good fit for a suite of "grown up" apps. That said, they could use a bit more contrast.
  5. I really dislike this idea. Please stick to the native update mechanism (Mac App Store) or a semi-standard like Sparkle.
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