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  1. Hi, I'd like to see Affinity Designer add in the additional option to use 'Conic Curves' for the Rounded Rectangle Tool. As far I can tell the only option seems to be a 'single radius arc'... which is baked in as the default settings of the tool. [animated gif below was done in Rhino because that program has both options... and was much easier to use for illustrating between the two].
  2. Okay,... Thank You, Alfred. That's a nice suggestion. I tried your idea and it certainly made it easy to toggle back and forth. Is there a way to pin this HSL adjustment layer to the top of the layer list.... so that it's always up there and applies to every layer in the stack? or, perhaps there is a Global Setting for layers which apply to everything without them having to be on top of the list.
  3. Hi, This is either a question, or a feature request... But I'd like to see a quick way to enter into a view mode that displays only the Tonal Value of all the color being used in my project. Think of this as the digital equivalent of a painter squinting their eyes so they are only left with a monochromatic view of the subject they are painting. (...and call it squint mode if you'd like). Ideally, at least for me... this could be implemented by having a 'monochrome view mode' button right next to the 'outline view mode' button. My Question: As it stands now, I'm not really sure what the most efficient way is to toggle into this monochrome mode... as I keep calling it (though it could easily go by another name). Take Care, Jim
  4. Hi, I'm importing some SVG files into Affinity Designer. . . and I'd like to change the color of them but it's not working so well. I double click on them, and they open up in a new tab as an <embedded> object,... from there I get mixed results when attempting to change colors. For some of the SVG elements there's no problem. . . but for others I can't figure out what's going on. The most peculiar issue is how the 'a^2' part of the shortest equation can only be colored a shade of green... When I go in and try to change that color, no matter what I set the HSL color wheel too,... I can't get the base color to be anything other than green. Other parts of this same equation don't have the same issue. ---- Does anyone have an idea as to what's going on here? I'm I being punished for bringing in math equations into the realm of Graphic Design software? Color Test.afdesign

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