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  1. Selecting a single point and changing the width would be so much better. But the current setup is also not that bad, BUT we seriously need the ability to multiple select points in the pressure graph. It should be easy to implement, compared to the other suggestions.
  2. Affinity Designer doesn't seem to load "Terminal". Not sure if it's standard in Windows, but it's installed under my fonts settings in Windows. Krita, which is a free software, can read this font while Affinity Designer can't.
  3. +1 for seamless tile creation in Affinity Designer in PixelPersona. I got so many fancy brushes now and making tileable textures with them would be absolutely brilliant. I did this in Krita with it's Wrap Mode, absolutely astonishing results there, but the brushes there are pretty limited (obviously because it's 100% free). You can download other sets or make your own brushes, but it's tedious and needs time. Having such feature out of the box in Affinity Designer would speed up Game Developing. But I guess in the end, I still have to use Substance Designer 5, but it will look more generic this way. Well, I can still dream and try to resurrect this thread ;P
  4. I'm also using Unreal Engine 4 and was also wondering that there is no export option to .tga :3.
  5. Yeah, also bought AD now and was happy to see what's in the UI Kit. Sadly the license is pretty crap, you can only use it for 1 project :3. Any chances you bring out a version for more projects? <3
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