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  1. chekka

    Auto Hyphenation

    I am really amazed. I never thought AD did not have this feature. Please give it to us soon!
  2. Sorry, I did not tested ist well. If I activate the font via Linotype Fontexplorer (1.2.3, I know, it’s very old : ) it does not work. Via Apples Font Book the font appears immediately.
  3. Sorry, but I copied the highlighted text and it does’nt work even from graphic text as from a text frame.
  4. Please make it possible, that fonts that are activated while AD or AP is running, will become available without restarting the application. This has nothing to do with automatic font activation, just with the ability to activate fonts manually and get them in Affinity products instantly.
  5. I can not copy and directly paste text from Affinity Ph & D 1.4.3 to some other applications. Does not work with: TextWrangler 5.5.2 Google Chrome 54 Firefox 48 Opera 39 Safari Calendar 9.0 Adobe Indesign 6.0 Adobe Indesign 14.0 Does work with: Pages 6.0 Apple Mail 10.0 Adobe Photoshop 11.0 But if I save the document, and paste the copied text into the filename field, I can copy the text from there an paste into any other application.
  6. For me it ist. I never had thought to leave Adobe if they haven’t changed to a license model that becomes more and more like 1984 (if you know what I mean : ) I want to own my software, not rent it. I want to sell it, if I do not need it anymore. And, I do not want to pay 700 Euro a year for software I never user.
  7. I can not agree with this way of thinking. For me, it is a great time figuring out all the functions of APh and AD, while waiting on APu. So I will have an smooth transitional period from my Adobe products to Affinity. I have no problem waiting for APu ’til next spring or so (but not longer : )
  8. Is there a subscriber list for beta testing?
  9. I understand, that you do not give false promises. But can you say if the release date will be in a few months or rather in a year or more?

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