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  1. I'm just fighting against the contour tool since yesterday and the only temporary fix is to import my path in a new file, but it will eventually start to glitch again... affinitylol.mov
  2. Thanks you for your workaround. I’m actually using this exact method already. i was just tired with all those extra steps and decided to finally write a feedback request to hopefully have a small option to disable the “auto apply” nature of this tool and make it similar to the straightening tool from Photoshop.
  3. Hi, just to be clear: I’m not having trouble with “zooming in and using the tool on a small section of my image” Im having trouble while I need to place the second point of the leveling line when the targeted pixel isn’t in the viewport. the straightening tool is validating your input when you releasing the mouse click which this doesn’t make any sens for me. It’s like having the cropping tool cropping your selection when you release the mouse button. It’s OK for a global crop but for extra precision you need to zoom in, eventually move a bit the cropping area and THEN apply t
  4. Sorry I just thought that I was reading the typical : “you are using it wrong / just buy a new one” vibe that all Apple users are used to when something doesn’t work as expected. sorry but I won’t read all user old posts when I’m making a feedback I hope you will understand. I just made a quick search to see if my problem was already reported. You are right ; I did. The Magic Mouse suck and this is a fact (at least the version with AA batteries is less a pain that this new magic version that need to be charging upside down) I only use it on my iMac because it was shipped
  5. Yes I know the Apple Magic Mouse suck. Can we move on? I don’t want to use another mouse, and I’m more often using the trackpad anyway so this workaround is really a nogo for me. thanks you very much for your help but if we need to make such finger gymnastics to use the this tool this just demonstrates the poor ergonomics implementation.
  6. Magic Mouse / trackpad user here. no such sorcery things as a wheel-zoom
  7. Hi, I'm using A LOT the straighten tool and I found the way it was implemented in Affinity Photo just confusing / not practical. Actually the way this tool works is that I need to hold click and then drag to make my leveled line and then when I release click, the straightening is applied. This might seems to be a good approach when we need to straighten an image with a low zoom level, but the problem is when we need to zoom in to get extra precision. I didn't find a way the change the behavior of the too such has when I make my leveling line and then release the mouse click
  8. Hi, When I try to create a guide with the guides manager, Affinity Designer instantly crash. https://youtu.be/B08NcOBcrV8 Config : macOS Sierra 10.12.2 (16C67) Affinity Designer : 1.5.4 MacBook Pro (15", 2016) - 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 Go 2133 MHz LPDDR3 - Radeon Pro 455 2048 Mo - Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 Mo
  9. All right, thanks you for the answer. Is it going to be added in future release ? It's one of the Illustrator's thing that I use a lot :)
  10. Hello ! I know this have already been asked, but I'm waiting this since 2014 and I don't know if this feature has been added. Is there any way to snap handle control point to the grid / pixel grid / guide ? Thanks SnappingDance.mov
  11. I've uploaded them on the original post, hope that will help the dev team !
  12. Hello When I try to use boolean operation I have to completely overlap my shape to get it subtracted correctly. If I use the snapping features and then subtract the shape, Affinity Designer leave me some leftover vectors. Am I doing anything wrong ? Thanks AD.mov test.afdesign
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