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  1. chuckymendoza

    PNG > faulty export?

    I have a problem concerning the export of PNGs out of Affinity Photo 1.4.3 AND ALSO 1.5.0 RC. As a basic, I have a photo similar to a bitmap with just the color black and a transparent background. The file is RGB 8-bit color mode and I export as PNG-24. The exported file looks good so far. It looks good in a browser and also in Apples Preview. So far so good. I know, Serif can’t take responsibly for external apps, but I have problems in two different apps with exported PNGs from Affinity Photo. One is the coding language Processing, where PNGs from Affinity Photo not display at all and the other is Photo Mechanic 5, a image browser, who displays the PNG in a strange way (blue with a black background). Please see the attached example "affinitypng.png". I opened the exported PNG from Affinity Photo into Photoshop and exported again as PNG 24-bit. The resulting PNG displays fine, no problems in Photo Mechanic 5 nor in Processing. So, I was wondering, what kind of 24-bit PNG Affinity Photo exports, or if there is a special format or anything? Since I only have problems with PNGs coming from Affinity Photo there must be something inside the file, that makes problems. Attached are also both PNGs, Affinity Photo troublemaker and the working Photoshop PNG. Thanks in advance, Thomas
  2. In Affinity Photo (1.4.2) when resizing a document with Document > Resize Document… it would be of great help if the Resample option would ether remind the last set option or be set to Bicubic or Lanczos as standard and not „Nearest Neighbor”. Maybe I’m wrong, but most of the people using Affinity Photo work on photos where „Nearest Neighbor” is the baddest of all resample algorithm. :-)
  3. Hello, for the sake of usability It should be possible to create a guideline not just by dragging it out of a ruler with the Move/Node-Tool but also with every other tool. Say, I use the rectangle tool and when the mouse pointer is over a ruler, the pointer should automatically switch to the Move tool (as long as it is over the ruler), then I just can drag out a new guideline. I often need guides for my work and it would help the work flow a lot. This would be a killer feature! Thanks, Chucky
  4. In Affinity Designer (1.4) it is possible to convert a global color to a spot color. So far so good, but how do I convert a spot color back to it’s normal state, to a non-spot color? You can edit the color, but not it’s state of being a solid color or not. I know that you can "honor spot colors" when you export to a PDF for print, but sometimes it’s important to convert a spot color to a non-spot color when you just want some colors to be spot colors when you export a PDF for printing. Thanks in advance for all tips and hints.