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    I am running into a problem using the crop tool. Applying it turns off the adjustment layers and they have to be replaced to regain their functionality. Those layers are editable, but making a change in their setting does not re-enable them. This occurs in both High Sierra and Mojave. I am including some screen captures to hopefully show this: before cropping: after cropping: some system info: Any suggestions?
  2. Thank you for getting back to me, I do appreciate it. I should be able to work around these as need be.
  3. Hello, The newly released AP 1.5.2 still has serious problems with LAB color formatted documents. Many of the blend modes do not operate in the same manner as their RGB counterparts. Some of the results look ghastly. I listed these problems in the beta 1.5.n threads and included screen captures in the most recent 1.5.2 beta thread, but received no response. Do you have a (hopefully soon to be implemented) fix for the problem?