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  1. aderkach

    Pixel Snapping

    A shortcut for "fixing" pixel aligment of a vector object's key points would help a lot.
  2. aderkach

    Paste SVG

    Thank you, for your answer Lee. Dragging (or pasting) .svg files into Affinity really works well. I guess the problem was with the Icon8 app.
  3. Is it possible to paste .svg files into the document? Or this is possible only using "Place Image Tool"? I use Icon8 application and can't copy SVG icons directly from this application to the Affinity. Thank you.
  4. aderkach

    Cropped objects in constraints groups

    Nevermind. I realized why it's done in such way :) GJ
  5. Cropped objects in constraints groups, please see attachment:
  6. Sometimes, during resizing objects "snapping" function may fail (please see attachment below). Is there a way to fix this? Adobe Fireworks, for example, has a "Snap To Pixel" command to fix such issues.
  7. It's pretty standard usability pattern and this is how it works in Photoshop, Fireworks etc. Personally, it's just another one reason (maybe minor on a first glance) which keeps me (for example) from switching to Affinity Designer completely.
  8. aderkach

    Geometry > Add

    Sorry, I had to mention that these steps cause a hang of the application.
  9. aderkach

    Geometry > Add

    Create a Shape Create a Text Layer Geometry > Add I believe "Geometry" should be optional and shown only for vector layers.
  10. aderkach

    Text Wrap

    Please see example:
  11. Enlarge active zones of the transformation tool, please see the attachment below. Using "skew" transformation is a pain now :)
  12. It would be a huge advantage if we could search fonts not only by a first letter. It's achievable if the font selector will be replaced by an autocomplete solution like:
  13. 1. It would great to let users save different grid settings as presets. 2. It would be helpful to have an ability to transfer symbols to assets right from the "Symbols" panel. In a similar (but better :)) way as it's done in Fireworks (Document and Common Libraries). 3. Multistate parametric symbols would awesome. Made in a similar way as it's done in Sketch or Fireworks (with Dynamic Symbols Extensions). 4. Current Lasso tool and Selection Brush is useless. I would replace them by traditional Magic Wand, Lasso, and Polygon Lasso. 5. Linked Images - http://johndunning.com/fireworks/about/LinkedImages