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  1. There is no guarantee that will change the behavior of any of the migration capabilities from V1 to V2, particularly if they are incompatible because of changes in the UI or internals of V2 vs. V1.
  2. Select it with the Move Tool, then either use the Transform panel or drag on the bounding box handles to set its dimensions & position.
  3. After pasting the hex value did you try hitting the Tab or Return key to set it to that color?
  4. 1. Merge Visible automatically creates a new layer. You do not need to do that manually, if that is what you are asking.This is the same in V2 as in V1. 2. The Clone Brush works the same as in V1. Just make sure you have set a source point first using an alt/option click & are using an appropriate brush.
  5. Not that it will be of any help to you but I could open your document without an issues in APub V2 on my Mac.
  6. There is no annual or any other kind of subscription for the V2 apps. All are one-time purchases, not subscriptions.
  7. The UI has changed enough that it might cause problems if the V1 settings were imported into V2, or might simply be ignored. There have also been some changes in the Toolbar, although mostly just name changes, so that might not work too well even if implemented. I'm not sure what you mean by system settings. Can you explain more about that?
  8. What I did in AD 2 was to first resize the document to 30x30 px in File > Document Setup, anchoring to the top left corner & then simply selected & dragged the bottom right handle of the "Curves" icon layer to the bottom right edge of the document -- easily done with Snap to spread enabled. That of course resulted in perfectly positioning the icon to fill the 30 x 30 document. Reexported to svg resulted in a 1129 byte SVG file.
  9. If you are a V2 user, which would you rather they focus their limited development resources on, adding some kind of save as V1 compatible option, or fixing the bugs in V2 & improving its feature set? Please keep in mind that we do not know what else they may be planing to add to V2 or how that might impact any reasonably useful compatibility option.
  10. FWIW, I have not experienced as many crashes in V2 as in V1, but I am running macOS Catalina & that may have something to do with the difference.
  11. Are you sure it was the same font, same point size, & same text frame size in V1?
  12. Just from a quick look, it appears that the text frames are too small to add or show any more or new text in them, as indicated by the red eye icons.
  13. No, but they do/should show up in the Manage Presets widow like in the OP's last screenshot. Do you see anything different on your PC?
  14. By default, there are no assets in the Default category. Try another category.
  15. Not on my Mac. I can click on the gear, choose Manage Presets, & see all my presets there. Same for V1 & V2.
  16. Are you sure the import option appeared directly in the menu you get when clicking on that, or was it in the Manage Presets option on that menu? Regardless, you have an option in both V1 & V2 to export User Presets & another to Restore Master Presets. If you do not see anything like that, please post screenshots of what you do see.
  17. Odd. For me it includes all the same built-in presets as in V1.
  18. Have you tried clicking on the gear icon in the Context toolbar, the one immediately to the right of the Cancel button? For me, it works the same in V1 or V2.
  19. Just guessing but I think they are thinking that applying a contour should be non-destructive -- IOW, unless it is baked in, it can be adjusted or removed at any time, so it is simply an object that can have a positive, zero, or negative radius path contour.
  20. On my Mac not only does 'all pages' not save anything, AFPub 2 crashes soon after hitting the "Export" button. (Works fine if a page range is specified.)
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