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  1. FWIW, I believe new-to-the forum users initially cannot post attachments as an anti-spam precaution. Since the OP joined just a few hours ago it may not be possible for him or her to add screenshots yet.
  2. It's because other people besides the OP may read topics like this & they may find related info helpful. This happens frequently & I believe it is generally considered beneficial to the community as a whole. I assume that is why @Return replied to @thomaso's question, & why @thomaso asked it in the first place. Also, as far as I can tell, nobody "rejected" @thomaso's original answer. Besides, @Polygonius was the OP & marked several of our posts with a 'like' so I assume that extra info was useful to him or her, as I hope it will be to others not familiar with why sometimes pressing ESC more than once is necessary.
  3. Also called the Option Key And on many Apple keyboards & in keyboard shortcut lists it is identified with a ⌥ symbol, the Unicode U+2325 character named "Option Key" in English.
  4. As @walt.farrell explained, they are not duplicates. (This should be obvious if you compare file sizes!) Also, please keep in mind that it is not just photographers that use the Affinity apps & some people work in a collaborative environment. Besides, as explained in the FAQ, this is part of an ongoing attempt to mitigate the problem of work being lost when access to a file is lost. Anyway, the bottom line is the file normally is hidden & is not usable so under normal circumstances you should just ignore it.
  5. Personally, I think @Pšenda's suggestion is the most logical, straightforward, & simplest. After all, it is not unreasonable to think that a user-customizable default tool option would be found in the Customize Tools panel, right? Besides, this means any tool a user might want can be made the default, so there won't be any complaints if one someone considers 'important' is left off a shortened list.
  6. My answer was a reply to @thomaso's question here, not what the OP said.
  7. But weren't you the one who made it part of the topic to begin with above when you suggested they had private ways to gather feedback that we don't know about?
  8. Sure, but I doubt there is any way even for them to know how many of the several million Affinity product buyers & potential buyers are willing to provide them with any feedback through any channel, public or otherwise. In fact, I doubt they have any way to know how many use any of the products regularly, or even for what purpose they use them for most often.
  9. How could one select that option if it did not pop up?
  10. ??? How could someone accidentally right-click to choose a popup option to make any particular tool the default? I don't think anybody suggested that just right-clicking on a tool would automatically set it as the default.
  11. That has nothing to do with choosing which of the apps' many tools we want to set as a default. Besides, we already have the much appreciated option to arrange how we personally want the tools in the Tool panel (& in the main Toolbar!).
  12. Considering that by default a number of tools don't appear in the panel or are grouped with others & may not be the top-most visible one, I think the right click should be available in the Customize Tools... flyout window. In fact, it could be a left-click popup option there since there is no defined option for that.
  13. You don't have to switch programs to rasterize an Image layer, if that is what you mean. A right-click on an Image layer in either AD's Designer or Pixel Persona will pop up the menu with the 3 rasterize options.
  14. As @Dan C mentioned above, there is a user-settable option to automatically lock an imported background layer. It's the default but if you do not want them locked, just untick that option. For future reference, note that you can tell which layers are locked if you look for the lock icon on the layer in the Layers panel, & if you select a locked layer there when the Move Tool is active, in the workspace window you will see its round control handles have been replaced with x-shaped ones.
  15. I'm sure Serif does care but as has been mentioned, they do not have enough resources to implement every feature various users might want -- there are at least several dozen of them that different uses believe should be considered "major" ones, & many different & often conflicting ideas about how they should be implemented. Just browse a bit through the Feature request sub-forum to get an idea of all the different things people have asked for.
  16. Nor is there any provision to open video files of any kind, unless you count animated GIF's, but even for them you just get the first image of the animation.
  17. The iPad apps have a very different UI from the desktop ones so I'm not sure how relevant that is here, but I think it is worth considering platform differences in general as well, particularly when trying to decide what is typical among the user community.
  18. It probably does if the FF plugin has not been updated to run 'natively' on M-series Macs. To check, try launching AP after using Get Info to enable “Open using Rosetta,” as mentioned in this Apple help topic.
  19. I seriously doubt they have built anything that would be such a blatant invasion of user privacy into the apps!!!! Which is why whenever one of the forum regulars uses the word "typical" (like <ahem> as in "typical workflow") I have to wonder how they decided how typical it might actually be among the greater user base. After all, there are 3 Affinity apps (6 if you count V1 & V2 separately) & various users may own any combination of them, used in various projects, separately or together, to create and/or edit diverse kinds of documents. Anyway, to me it all boils down to giving users as much choice as is reasonable in how they want to configure the UI's of the Affinity apps because nobody, not even Serif, really knows enough to decide what would be best for the greatest number of users.
  20. I could not disagree more with that idea! As much as is possible I think each user should have total control over which tools they decide should be shown in the Tools panel, what order they should be shown in, & (ideally) also which ones they want grouped together. So for example, I'm sure some users would want to keep the Move & Node Tools grouped together, while others might want the Node & Pen tools grouped together.
  21. Why would the first thing typically be just to look at a preexisting photo or any other kind of bitmap image? After all, AP is a multi-purpose app with both image editing & creation features, right? I'm fairly sure a lot of users use it frequently if not exclusively to create original work, for example something like the amazing Bird.afphoto or the other samples included with AP V2. Personally, I am just as likely to be reopening a preexisting *.afphoto file, typically for further work or to copy one or more of its layers for use in other documents, as I am just to use AP as some sort of ad hoc image browser. And of course, like many others I may be starting up AP from the "Edit In..." menu of AD or APub to do something with AP that I can't do with either of those other apps, so I have no reason just to look at its existing bitmap layer(s). If you want a "safety net" tool as your preferred default why not make it the Zoom Tool? Not only does it not modify anything, by using the spacebar you can quickly & easily toggle between the Zoom & View Tools.
  22. I would not rely on that ever happening. They have said many times that they intend for each app to include features that the others lack so that the UI can remain (relatively!) uncluttered & focused on one type of work. As for the new version of your assets I like the icons better but I wonder why you set each of the child filter layers to invisible, which means an extra step to use them. Is there any particular reason for that?
  23. i would hate to see a tool become the default simply because it was the top (top left if one is using more than one column?) tool in the panel. I have the Tools panel arranged how I like it & do not want to have to worry if for whatever reason I wanted any particular tool to be the top left one without it becoming the default. ??? So do all the Affinity apps. For instance, hide the Tools panel & open a document. The default View Tool will be selected. Now press B, P, etc. In fact, hide the entire UI with the Tab key. You can still change to any tool that has a shortcut, right?
  24. IMO, as long as the context toolbar and/or tool cursor in the workspace make it clear which tool is selected then it should not matter that it is not shown or highlighted in the Tools panel. Besides, as @Pšenda pointed out, the panel may be hidden or a hidden tool may be selected via a keyboard shortcut.
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