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  1. Did you try clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page?
  2. As a test, you could try enabling Metal compute acceleration and/or switching from the integrated GPU to the Radeon pro 5500M one.
  3. For me, using Firefox version 105.0.2 on my Mac, the video loads & plays with no delay.
  4. I see the same thing if the Finder window is set to show icon previews & that window is in gallery view. In Icon view, I only see the top red stoked rectangle; in Column view, the entire file is shown in the preview in the last pane. I am running Catalina on my Mac.
  5. How specifically do they not work properly? I ask because there are some known & relatively easy to implement fixes for some problems encountered with the newer versions...
  6. It also depends on how much documentation there is to read through, how well it is organized, & if it is easily searchable, among other things. As for trying things out, that is hard to do if you do not know where to start or what to look for. Obviously, this also applies to apps like the Affinity ones.
  7. Are you referring to the format item in the 'how to batch convert...' link or something else? It was not (& still is not) obvious to me that exporting to the ico format should somehow be related directly to batch converting anything. I guess part of that is because to me 'batch' implies something that operates on multiple items, yet it is possible to use this option with just a single file open in the app. So for me it would take more than a little initiative to wade through all the documentation to find that batch > output > format item, which is why I asked about it here & am thankful that 2 people responded with the answer I was looking for.
  8. The problem for me for each of those references is if I open them & do a browser search on "ICO" I get zero hits related to the ico format. I guess part of it was I was expecting something more straightforward, like if I opened a file in the app & selected File > Export I would see an ICO or Windows Icon option, or some obvious way to get to that.
  9. Nope. I am just trying to consider all the possibilities for things like this, like how well they would scale, if they would create more problems than they would solve, or add so much complication to the UI that they would be difficult to learn how to use. Personally, I think something like a 'last preset used' button like I mentioned earlier would be a simple solution for one of the (many!) issues with the Brushes panel implementation, but overall, I think the whole panel needs to be rethought/redesigned to be more user friendly & intuitive.
  10. There are no such options. @N.P.M. was suggesting an addition to the UI, not something that already is there.
  11. But couldn't I also have hundreds of child brushes, depending on how many brush attributes I changed after selecting any one brush preset? I have about 25 different pixel brush categories but I know that some users have many more than that. So between the many possible 'child' variations & all the different categories they could be in, it seems to me that the lists of modified presets could easily become so enormous that it would be very hard to keep track of which one is which or which category it came from.
  12. I am not sure what you mean by "main brush." Regardless, what I was asking about was what happens if say I change to a different brush category but do not actually select or use any brush preset in it? In you example, you are showing a "1-Basic" category, but if I have selected a different category, how would it show the last used main brush preset or any of its 'child' versions? Aside from that, consider that by using a stylus & pressure sensitive brush settings, there could be a near infinite number of variations just in width & hardness alone, depending on how the brush preset was set up.
  13. How would it work if the brush category was something other than the one with the brush preset in it?
  14. That tells me ico is supported but not how to write a file to it. I see now that ico is in the Output tab popup list for batch conversions, but like the Create -> Multi-Frame File item, it was not obvious to me that is where the export to ico item would be found, so thanks to you & @Komatös for helping me find it!
  15. At least in my Mac, I do not find any option in XnViewMP to export a file to the ico format. Is this something maybe only the Windows version supports, or am I just not seeing where that option is?
  16. Not sure what you mean by "sub-brush." Can you explain more about that & how it would work?
  17. Considering that there can be thousands of different brush presets, I am not sure what kind of naming conventions for them would be practical.
  18. The Brush Tool has only one brush. The "Brushes" panel actually shows lists of various preset properties for that tool, which is why the moment any brush property has been changed from the one in that preset, the preset is no longer highlighted in the list. Functionally, one thing that would be useful in that panel is a "go to last preset" button or something similar that if pressed would automatically change to the appropriate category & select that preset.
  19. The panel only highlights brush presets, so the moment you change any brush attribute to something other than the one in that preset, you are no longer using that brush preset & the highlight turns off. There has to be a better way to handle that!
  20. One quick way to tell what document or master page you are on is to check the navigation bar at the bottom of the window, to the left of the status bar. If it says something like "12 of 20" then you know you are on document page 12 of the document's 20 pages. If it shows something else, either a default master page name or a custom one you have assigned to a master, then you know you are on a master page.
  21. Once you get used to it, one of its nicer features is it is context sensitive, so some of the items it shows change depending on where in the document window the pointer is positioned.
  22. But when the View (a.k.a. Pan or Hand) Tool is selected, as @N.P.M. mentioned, the context toolbar (maybe what the OP means by task bar?) includes a "Units:" popup menu that for me is never greyed out. So it still seems anybody's guess what the OP is talking about.
  23. Just hover the pointer over the name or avatar on the left in a reply from someone you want to ignore & you should get a popup with 3 buttons, one of which is "Ignore."
  24. I also wonder about the white outline, like if it is a stroke added to a text layer set to no fill.
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