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  1. It certainly isn't, but I cannot duplicate that behavior on my Mac. For me, the undocked Tools panel never snaps into a floated document window, or at least I have as yet not found a way to get that to happen. What version of the macOS are you using?
  2. Some have speculated that this is because by design Finder waits until no other app is using much CPU time to check for changes in mod dates but I have no idea if this is right or just a wild guess.
  3. i'm not sure what you mean about Studio panels (assuming that is what you mean by "windows and toolboxes, etc") snapping into others, as this behavior is the same in V2 as it is in V1. Also note that in both V1 & V2 you can create multiple Studio Presets & recall any of them at any time to change how the UI is laid out. Also, I have to mention that for me overall the V2 Mac UI is an improvement over the V1 one, excepting the annoying lack of V1's Separated mode. But for all of this, it is a subjective, not objective, judgement, so some disagreement about that is unavoidable.
  4. Yes, at times Finder's file Date Modified times are 'lazily' updated unless you do something to force the refresh. For me, sometimes just toggling Date Modified from oldest to newest & back again or vise versa, or toggling the disclosure triangle of a file's parent folder will do it. There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason why this sometimes is necessary.
  5. @AuthorSP, for future reference, feature requests should be posted to the https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/122-feedback-for-the-affinity-v2-suite-of-products/ forum, not here in Questions.
  6. It occurs to me that the problem might be that he is looking in the Affinity Designer or Affinity Publisher V1 TM backups for the raster_brushes.propcol files, which of course will usually not have the same raster brushes as in the Affinity Photo V1 files. So indeed, the full file path may tell us if that is the problem. BTW @blackxacto, you may already know this but if you do not want to show your user account name in the file path for privacy or security reasons, you can post the file path using the ~/ home folder shortcut, like I have done below for my AP V1 app bought from the Mac App Store: ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/user/raster_brushes.propcol For comparison, I bought APub V1 from the Affinity store, so for me the path to it is shorter: ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/user/raster_brushes.propcol
  7. Drag them from where? Either the brushes are backed up or they are not. The propcol file contains all the available pixel brushes in one file so how would improve anything if they were in what could be hundreds of individual files? All I can tell you about that is TM has backed up all my propcol files for all the Affinity apps without problems, & as I said the V1 raster_brushes.propcol file grew in size over time. As far as I can tell, the latest backup includes every raster brush I currently have in V1. In addition, as it is, you have the option of exporting brush categories from the V1 Brushes studio panel as *.afbrushes files & importing them into the V2 one, but it is up to you to do that before you trash the app or its support files. So as far as I'm able to understand it, Serif had done everything it can to make to make both backing up the per user stuff & transitioning from V1 to V2 as easy as possible. I don't know why isn't working for you.
  8. All I tell you is that on my Mac the size of the V1 raster_brushes.propcol file does get larger over time. Currently for AP V1 it is about 377 MB on my Mac. In my Time Machine backups dating back a several years it was about ½ that size. I'm not sure what you mean by separate objects. Do you mean separate files for each brush or brush category collection? Regardless, how would that simplify restoring what could be a very large number of individual files from your backups, assuming you have saved them? If you are actually talking about combining your V1 brushes with your existing V2 ones (IOW, merging two sets of brush files into one for use in V2) the procedure @Lee_T mentioned would do that, assuming you have V1 & its per user support files installed on your Mac. As it is, *.propcol files reduce file size overhead, freeing up more storage space on your computer, improving responsiveness when selecting, duplicating, & creating new brushes, & greatly simplify & speed up creating & maintaining backups. The problem here seems to be that either you somehow never backed up your per user raster_brushes.propcol file containing the full set of V1 raster brushes or possibly that you as yet have not found the correct one.
  9. From what I can tell from the Wacom web store, that is the cost of the "pro" model. There another non-pro(?) version available for ~$800.
  10. Where do you see an Adjustment panel in Affinity Designer or Affinity Publisher?
  11. Also, do you actually mean they are being converted to JPEGs in the new Affinity Photo document itself, or just flattened into pixel layers or some such? AFAIK, the only way to make a JPEG file in Affinity is to export it to that format.
  12. Just because they are limited to specific results does not mean they are useless, nor just for 'kids.' Often, users of all ages & experience prefer to use simple one-click adjustments to save time. All that matters is if they accomplish what is desired quickly & easily. You did minutes ago: "used in Affinity Designer by people who do not own Affinity Photo". I'm talking about abstract icc profiles that can be used in any of the Affinity apps. As has already been mentioned (& quoted!), the ICC itself recognizes their usefulness to perform custom image effects for various reasons. As that source says, a few color management apps support creating and/or using abstract profiles. As we have seen, it is possible for the Affinity apps to use them, but currently it requires placing them in per user & per app support folders. I can think of no good no reason that extra step should be needed. Can you?
  13. You have to create or add those Assets & they are not exactly straightforward to use, so yeah they are only kind of supported, while at least for Macs, the Abstracts are already included so there is no good reason why they are not available without the workaround of copying them to per user level support folders. Who says they are just Affinity Photo features?
  14. Did you see my last reply about using the abstracts with Affinity Designer?
  15. Just an aside really, but abstract profiles could be used in Affinity Designer by people who do not own Affinity Photo, so that is another reason it seems like they should be supported without having to copy them to user level locations.
  16. CMD + Shift +H hides the Studio panel(s) but AFAIK by default Shift + H is not assigned to any shortcut.
  17. As long as you are in the AP Photo persona, you should see "Place..." about 2/3 thirds of the way down in the list:
  18. @504Krayons, no big deal but just a note about posting replies for best readability: you do not need to, nor should you as a rule, hit the Return key just to start a new line. Just do that when you want to start a new paragraph. So for example in your last post "covered in earnest..." would be on the same line as "... it would be" unless the viewer's browser window was too small for it all to fit on the same line.
  19. Unfortunately, the V1 Affinity apps are no longer for sale & the minimum requirements for the version 2 ones, as you probably know, require Catalina or newer to run. If you plan on using Affinity on both your iPad & new computer, & particularly if you want more than one of the Affinity apps on your new computer, you may want to consider buying the Universal licence.
  20. Or, unless you have changed the default keyboard shortcuts, use Option+CMD+T (shown as ⌥⌘T in the View menu) to toggle it back on.
  21. I only tried with a few PDF presets in APub V2 but it exports fine for me also. Where are you tying to export the PDF to? Is it a local folder, somwhere in a cloud service, or what?
  22. This suggests there is something wrong with your mouse software, not with Affinity, but I have no idea what that might be.
  23. Like with other changes I think people will complain either way. But it least we now in V2 have the often asked for ability to remove paper sizes we personally have no use for, as well as the option to add omitted ones.
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